THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Sneak Peek: “Thelma” and Mary Louise

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Ian Somerhalder, aka Damon Salvatore, takes the director’s chair as THE VAMPIRE DIARIES returns and clears up some of those pesky “three years from now” teases that have been alluded to throughout this season.

Much of the episode, titled “Days of Future Past,” takes place three years in the future, so events may be subject to change based on what happens between now and then.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) has to come to terms with Caroline’s (Candice King) decision to remain in Dallas near Alaric’s (Matt Davis) twins.  In danger from vampire huntress, Rayna Cruz (guest star Leslie-Anne Huff), he goes to Damon’s coffin and revives his brother who has been desiccating for three years.

Stefan and Valerie (guest star Elizabeth Blackmore), have been on the run to escape Rayna, who is driven to kill him by forces beyond her control.  Having run out of the herbs that Freya Mikaelson gave him to shield him from Rayna, he is concerned that Caroline would be the bait that Rayna could use to track him down.

Rayna who had been held prisoner in The Armory, has escaped, supposedly with the Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) help, but the Augustine Vampire has been framed by Matt (Zach Roerig), who is furious with Stefan that Penny has been killed.  Matt joins forces with Rayna and is determined to rid Mystic Falls of vampires, once and for all.

Angry at Enzo for his perceived betrayal, Alexandria (guest star Mouzam Makkar), is unable to locate the Augustine vampire who may have been shielded by Bonnie (Kat Graham).

To force Nora’s assistance, Alex poisons Mary Louise (guest star Teressa Liane), and then makes a deal with Nora (guest star Scarlett Byrne) to help keep the dying Mary Louise alive.  All Nora has to do is bring Enzo to her. 

Damon and Valerie rush to save Stefan from Rayna.  The elder Salvatore would love to kill her, but if Rayna dies, all who are marked by the Phoenix Sword scar will die, including Stefan.  He also would dispatch Valerie who has been harboring the secret that would remove the curse from Stefan for the three years, but needs her to keep Stefan alive.

Damon has a chance to take the scar from Stefan with a transfer spell, but concocts a different plan that leaves Stefan shot on a tarmac.

Nora and Mary Louise escape with the sword, but the sword in the process marks Nora. The doomed pair decides to do a THELMA AND LOUISE, taking the sword with them.

Will this undo Damon’s chance to save his brother?  How much of this future is set in stone? 

Tonight’s episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was written by producer, Melinda Hsu Taylor.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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