BILLIONS Sneak Peeks: Tough Day at the Office


Axe makes a bad decision on this week’s BILLIONS. After insisting that they hold on to some stock against the advice of his analysts and traders (because he’s convinced he’s making the right call), Axe loses hundreds of millions of dollars when the company doesn’t deliver and their stock tanks. He decides to turn to Wendy for help (thinking that the problem lies within himself), but Lara doesn’t believe Wendy can be trusted — not after Chuck and Axe declared war on one another and put Wendy in the middle.

Meanwhile, Lara suggests to her sister, Lu, that she become the new chef at Axe Capital now that she’s selling their restaurant, but Lu balks at the suggestion. So Lara takes them both back to the old neighbourhood to remind her of their roots.

Finally, Chuck is setting out to secure powerful allies in D.C. in his continued fight against Axe. And Sacker and Connerty are shutting down the case against Axe Capital just as Chuck finds evidence that could help them — right in his own home.

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