Tonight on THE LAST MAN ON EARTH: Pushed to the Breaking Point

last man on earth

Carol still has babies on the brain in this week’s THE LAST MAN ON EARTH. But after months of trying for a baby with no result, she’s worried about the state of her and Phil’s fertility. So the first step in being proactive about the situation is having Phil test his sperm via a male fertility test (which eventually leads to Phil needing Todd’s sperm for a comparison test).

Todd, meanwhile, is stuck between a rock and a hard place as he juggles both Gail and Melissa. He’s still keeping his relationship with Gail under wraps, while Melissa has rekindled their relationship in earnest. The poor guy is exhausted, and his dishonest acts catch up to him when Erica reveals that Phil #2 wanted Todd to act as a father to their child because he believed no one was a kind as Todd. Wracked with guilt — especially after an interesting moment with Erica — Todd takes his rage to a jet ski and the ocean.

Both Todd and Phil are feeling particularly desperate as they’re pushed to their individual breaking points. Expect a cute/funny surprise at the end of the episode that will change up the dynamics on the show for a while.

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