BLINDSPOT Sneak Peek: Clearer to Partly Muddy


Things are becoming both clearer and more muddied for Jane Doe on NBC’s BLINDSPOT. Also for us, the viewers.

Over the past couple of weeks, Jane has met with the mysterious Oscar, who she sees in brief flashbacks as her former lover and who has told her this whole tattoo and memory gig is of her own making, and who has re-emerged to help her carry out the mission he says she has sent herself to accomplish. Yet Jane doesn’t quite trust Oscar, and she has threatened to stop seeing him. For his part, Oscar has interfered with an FBI investigation and threatened to kill Special Agent Weller if Jane doesn’t cooperate. But then last week, Jane found herself drawn closer to Oscar again.

Meanwhile, Jane feels that her relationship with her FBI colleagues is threatened by Oscar and her possible collusion in some unbelievable plot. So she has distanced herself from them, only to find herself drawn back in by intriguing new clues and threats to peoples’ lives — a deadly mole in the FBI, an urgent death-row case, even a threat to her own life. And so once again, Jane finds herself working with people whom Oscar says are the bad guys yet whom Jane finds are her friends and, through Weller, she finds she loves.

In a subplot, co-worker Agent Reade has had an affair with Weller’s sister, and Weller has told Reade to end the affair. This week, Reade has ended the affair but is confused when Weller questions his decision. At the same time, Weller’s team must race to thwart a terrorist plot involving stolen chemical weapons and Jane must deal with a confusing memory regarding Weller. The more Jane and we learn on BLINDSPOT, the muddier the waters seem to run.

See the sneak peek below for a taste of the new episode, “Any Wounded Thief,” and enjoy BLINDSPOT tonight (April 4) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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