CHICAGO FIRE Recap: A Shotgun Wedding

chicago fire

There were two extremes of emotion on this week’s episode of CHICAGO FIRE. Pure bliss was felt by the newlyweds Mouch and Trudy (after a bit of nerves), but also absolute terror befell Sylvie Brett as she faced off against a gunman.

Let’s start with the happy. Mouch and Trudy both started off the episode a bit apprehensive, expressing to members of their wedding parties (Herman and Dawson, respectively) that they weren’t sure they could handle the commitment and all of the extracurricular duties (salsa dancing and improv class among them) that came with it. But, as Herman and Dawson both assured them, it wasn’t the crazy hot air balloon rides or wine tasting classes that the couple wanted, it was one another. So, the happy couple walked down the parted stool aisle at Molly’s and said “I do”.

In other wedding news, Dawson and Casey had an important talk after a news article misidentified her as the new Alderman’s wife. Under the new stress load of Alderman (Casey facing off against a construction company at fault for using cheap insulation), they don’t get the chance to discuss it until after Mouch and Trudy’s ceremony. When it comes up, Casey says that it would be a great idea for them to think about tying the knot but Dawson is apprehensive, saying she is as happy as she has ever been with how things are and doesn’t wanna push it. This apprehension seems to leave Casey a little disappointed — his words say he is fine, but his eyes definitely held some regret.

And now to the tension of the episode: Sylvie Brett found herself in (yet another) life or death situation on the job. She and Jimmy take a call for a young man with a GSW but when they arrive on scene and Jimmy goes back briefly for a stretcher, the assailant comes back, firing twice into the already-injured victim and then turning the gun on Sylvie. He doesn’t shoot, but he tells her to keep quite about what happened. The victim doesn’t make it and Sylvie decides to go with the police.

It is after this brave decision that things start to get even scarier for our poor, young medic. After talking with police, she sees the gunman outside the hospital and must inform Chief Boden about the threat. He takes her off truck duty and assigns an officer to watch her (with Jimmy taking it upon himself to watch her as well) to ensure her safety. While at home, she receives an anonymous call that turns out to be the gunman as well, and she is starting to really freak out. That is, until the man turns up dead, execution style, and Sylvie positively ID’s him for the police. I wonder if this particular mystery as to how he died will ever be solved.

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