SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Dethroned, But Not Out


The Winchesters reunite with Crowley in this week’s SUPERNATURAL and the former King of Hell is spitting nails about his current situation. When the brothers criticize his current dwellings, he lets them know how difficult life has been for him since Lucifer was freed (He was kept in a cage! Demons are hunting him constantly!). In other words, Crowley is *not happy* with Lucifer. Which, honestly, isn’t all that surprising because the Winchesters first met him in season 5 when he was attempting to prevent the Apocalypse. Even back then he didn’t want Lucifer to get free.

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But Crowley didn’t just call Sam and Dean to complain about his new digs (as amusing as they find that). He’s got a proposition: the only hope they all have to defeat Amara is to use a Hand of God. And he’s got access to another one: the Hand of Joshua. Well, Sam and Dean are interested, but they want to know what Crowley wants in return.

Elsewhere in the episode (watch a preview), Casifer decides to return home to Heaven and seems comfortable taking over now that all of his archangel siblings and his father are MIA.

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