SUPERNATURAL Preview: Aliens? Or… the Chitters?


Crowley found himself a Hand of God in this week’s SUPERNATURAL — the Horn of Joshua. And he was willing to turn it over to the Winchesters to defeat Amara if they helped him remove Lucifer from Cas and lock him back up. Unfortunately, without Rowena they didn’t think they had a shot of trapping Lucifer again. Instead, they wanted to use him to help defeat Amara and then promised to find a way to trap him. But it turned out that Rowena had a back-up spell to keep her alive when Casifer snapped her neck and now she had aligned herself with Amara and was helping her heal after the angel smiting. Meanwhile, Casifer headed up to Heaven to establish himself as the new God and, when Amara made a display of her power, he proved that he’s needed.

The Winchesters and Crowley reunited with Rowena and summoned Casifer, trapping him in a ring of holy fire. Casifer was willing to use the Horn to defeat Amara, but they tried to suppress Lucifer so they could speak with Cas. It didn’t really work, so Crowley went inside Casifer’s head to talk with the trapped angel. There, he was beaten up by the real Lucifer as Cas chilled and watched TV. But Lucifer’s hold on Cas was too strong and, when the wards wore off, he stole the Horn and tried to kill the brothers, but Amara interrupted and inadvertently saved them. Casifer tried to kill Amara with the Horn but couldn’t, and so Amara spirited him off. And now Amara thinks Lucifer might be of some use to her — she wants to use Lucifer to draw out God.

SUPERNATURAL is on hiatus for two weeks and when it returns the Winchesters will be fighting a *very* strange new creature — the Chitters. Check out the promo below.

SUPERNATURAL returns with all new episodes on April 27 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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