BLOODLINE: Meet the New Characters In Season 2

The Rayburn family is returning for more drama in season 2 of BLOODLINE and the Netflix series will be introducing three new characters to the show.

Here’s what we know about the newcomers….


Ozzy Delveccio (John Leguizamo) – A charming, violent, opportunistic wild card from Danny Rayburn’s past. In the wake of Danny’s murder, Ozzy arrives in the Florida Keys with mysterious motives and threatens to wreak havoc in the lives of the Rayburns.


Evangeline Radosevich (Andrea Riseborough) – Street-wise, and unpredictable, Evangeline is a woman from Danny Rayburn’s past who has some unfinished business with the Rayburn Family.


Nolan Rayburn (Owen Teague) is the son of Danny Rayburn. In the aftermath of his father’s murder, Nolan mysteriously arrives in the Keys with knowledge of his father’s life that could undo the Rayburn family,

BLOODLINE returns for an all new season on Friday, May 27th on Netflix.

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