THE 100 Recap: Arkadia Has Fallen

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Last night’s THE 100 told us so many different stories and so much was going on, that my brain was having a hard time catching up with all the subplots they were throwing at us. By the end of the episode things started to make sense, but “Fallen” really was the kind of episode that gives us the worst kind of whiplash.

Following Lincoln’s death last week, Octavia is a force to be reckoned with in her grief. She beats Bellamy to a pulp, taking out all of her rage and grief on him, as she blames him for Lincoln’s death. When she spits out “you’re dead to me”, my heart shattered for these two siblings and I just wanted to punch Bellamy in the face myself. When was he going to see that he was supporting the wrong side, for god’s sake?

Back in Arkadia, Raven is trying to put herself into sensory overload, in order to block out Allie. She tries working out, working on electronics, listening to music really, really loud, but Allie is only gone momentarily. Jasper and Abby try to help her and she tells them about the wristbands they all had on when they first came down to Earth and how that can maybe reverse whatever creepy mind-controlling witchcraft that Allie has done in her brain.

The vindictive AI then gives her back all of her pain, all at once, and damn nearly breaks her, taking over her mind completely when she surrenders. That way, they manage to sedate Abby to try and force her to take the key to the city of light. Abby refuses, obviously, but Allie – now in Raven’s body – cuts both her wrists and would only let Abby help her if she took the key. She complies, because the alternative was to let Raven bleed out.

Now, let’s take a moment to talk about Lindsey Morgan’s performance here. I’ve always liked her as an actress and she’s been doing a great job since she joined THE 100. That said, none of her previous performances came even close to what she did in last night’s episode. Her desperation, her pain… it was heartbreaking – the way she was screaming in pain nearly made me sick to the stomach because it felt so real. And then, like a switch had been flipped, she became a completely different person when Allie took over her body and she was suddenly the cool, calm and collected AI. It was fascinating to watch. So kudos to you, Ms. Morgan. Outstanding performance.

Meanwhile, Monty’s mom tells him Pike knows he is a traitor and tells him to run. Monty flees and contacts Kane and the others. Kane, back to being the leader that he is, tells him to go to the drop ship and wait for him there. Octavia tells him she is going with him to meet Monty because it could be a trap – and she is so hoping it really is one, so she can put a bullet in Pike’s brain. When they get there, Pike has Monty on gun point and is threatening to kill him if Kane doesn’t lower his weapon. Bellamy – in a surprising turn of events – tells Pike that he knows where the others are and he can lead them there, leaving everyone else thinking what the hell just happened?! Octavia is furious, but Pike’s men have immobilized all of them, so there’s not much they can do.

However, in another shocking twist, Bellamy actually led them to the blockade and surrenders Pike to the grounders. Bellamy was the whiplash king last night. Seriously. Kane tells Monty to run back to camp and tell everyone what happened. However, it is much too late because Arkadia has already fallen. With Abby now on board the City of Light nonsense, the entire camp has succumbed to it. Except for Jasper, who injects Raven with something, making her pass out and takes her with him in a jeep. When he’s leaving camp, he runs into Clarke, telling her to get in or she’s dead too. Clarke is completely confused, but complies when people start shooting at them.

They drive away under heavy gunfire and things are about to get super intense in this show.

Oh yeah, meanwhile, Ontari is trying to hold on to her fake throne and Murphy is helping her. Just when I think he can turn out to be a good guy, he reveals himself to be the selfish son of a b*tch that he really is. I don’t even know why I’m surprised.

An all new episode of THE 100 airs April 14 at 9/8c on The CW.

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