BILLIONS Season Finale Preview: Everything Comes to a Head


Axe was going through a personal crisis on last week’s BILLIONS after losing big on a trade. During a lengthy late-night session with Wendy, he got to the root of the problem (his guilt over Donnie’s death) and seemed poised for a comeback. But he also confessed some things to Wendy, including making one of his employee’s gun charges disappear thanks to some well-placed payoffs to the police. Wendy wrote up notes about his actions on her computer and then Chuck went snooping and found them.

Now Chuck believes that he has everything he needs to finally put Axe in jail and he lays out his plan in the season finale to use bribery charges to bring Axe down. But Axe still has powerful friends and Hall tells him that Chuck has new evidence against him that could land him in prison. Wendy, of course, has finally realized how far her husband has gone in his pursuit of Axe and threatens to expose him after Ace accuses her of leaking the information to Chuck. Meanwhile, Axe reminds Lara of their contingency plan and she prepares for the Axelrod family to flee the country.

Showtime warns that “with his marriage and career in peril, Chuck is forced to take actions that further his rift with Connerty. Having sacrificed so much to this case – including possibly his marriage – Chuck finds Axe for an explosive confrontation.”

Don’t miss the season finale of BILLIONS tonight (April 10) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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