ELEMENTARY Teasers: The High-Stakes World of Illegal Poker


Sherlock and Joan get embroiled in the world of illegal poker games in this week’s ELEMENTARY.

Family Connection. A woman named Lin gets shot in her apartment and runs to Sherlock for help. She tells him that she’s a realtor and knows about him because she worked with Mycroft while he was in New York. Sherlock wants to know why they shouldn’t continue this discussion at the police station and she tells him the truth about her side job: she organizes illegal poker games. And one of her recent high-roller games was interrupted by a robbery by two guys in masks. Now she thinks that someone is framing her and so Sherlock heads to her apartment to gather her phone, which contains evidence on her players.

Delving in to a Shady World. As Sherlock meets Lin’s dealer while at Lin’s apartment, he tries to find out more about the two men who interrupted the poker game. One of the other players think that Lin robbed her own game, but Sherlock is convinced she’s being framed. And when Lin’s lookout for the event turns up dead, that changes the game and the police are brought into the situation. They uncover surveillance of the game and cheating and the situation becomes even more complicated, particularly when the NSA gets involved and orders them to stop their investigation.

Suspicions. But Joan thinks there’s something off about their new client — after all, she was close enough to Mycroft that she believes he would have told her about engaging Lin to find new locations for his restaurant. Sherlock thinks that it probably didn’t come up, but Joan can’t let her suspicions go and she starts covertly questioning Lin about her business to try and trip her up. She learns something about Lin that makes her question what she knew about Mycroft…and it turns out that what’s happening here has a far more personal connection to Joan than she suspected.

A Second Case. CBS will also be airing a second all new episode of ELEMENTARY this week. In it, Sherlock and Joan investigate a woman’s murder and discover that her death was linked to some artwork that has ties to a crime that was committed while she was in college.

Don’t miss a two-hour block of ELEMENTARY tonight (April 10) beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and Global TV (Canada).

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