ONCE UPON A TIME Sneak Peeks: Belle Gives Mr. Gold an Ultimatum

once upon a time

Belle was shocked in last week’s ONCE UPON A TIME when she was accidentally brought to the Underworld and learned that her husband was the Dark One once again. She was also upset to learn that she was pregnant and there was a possibility that their baby could be taken away by Hades because of a deal Rumple had made long ago.

However, Belle isn’t a quitter, so she returns to Mr. Gold this week to find a way to protect their child. But the pair disagree whether to use dark magic, so Belle forbids Gold from using his powers for evil. She wants him to prove to her that the powers of the Dark One can be used for good. Hades, of course, can’t have that, so he manipulates the situation. After seeking out Gaston in the Underworld, he encourages him to seek his revenge on Rumple. In flashbacks, Belle will meet Gaston for the first time, but their romance comes to an end as the Ogre wars begin.

Elsewhere in the Underworld, Emma and the rest of the heroes are trying to figure out a way to use Hades’ elevator to get to his lair and defeat him. But Emma also has a terrifying nightmare that starts to come true.

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