Afternoon Static: TEEN WOLF, DEGRASSI, EPISODES & More!


• Video: Arden Cho announces her departure from Teen Wolf
• Game of Thrones: 10 Biggest Clues from Trailer Two
• What We Learned from the ‘Broad City’ Twitter Q&A: Ilana Still Hasn’t Pegged, Abbi Loves Phish
• NNNNOOOoooooo! EPISODES to End With Season 5
• The Business of Show: Netflix Just Struck A Major Blow Against HBO’s Original Programming
• CanCon: ‘Degrassi: Next Class’ Renewed For Season 2 By Netflix
• Casting Roundup: FX’s ‘Tyrant’ Casts Annet Mahendru; Sebastian Roche In Amazon’s ‘Man In The High Castle’
• Review: Amazon’s ‘Catastrophe’ Moves Into The Upper Echelon Of TV Comedies In Its Second Season
• Behind-the-Scenes: How House of Lies Made History By Filming in Cuba
• The Americans Casualty Speaks: ‘It’s a Miracle [Spoiler] Lived This Long’
• Late Night Wars: Unsurprisingly, Samantha Bee’s Writers Room Is One of the Most Diversein Late Night
• Ouch: Why Sleepy Hollow Just Lost Any Faith Fans Had Left in It
• Louis C.K. On ‘Howard Stern’: My New Show Put Me Millions In Debt
• Seconded: Gilmore Girls bosses wish they could have squeezed Max Medina into the revival
• Rumor: Is The Vampire Diaries Ending After Season 8?
• Watch: ‘Bloodline’ Season 2 Trailer Finds Rayburn Family in ‘More Darkness’

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