CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Teasers: Changing Places

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Greg and Josh have switched places in this week’s MY CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND now that Rebecca has decided to get over Josh and hook up with Greg instead. But what’s the state of Greg and Rebecca’s blooming relationship? That’s what we’re here to fill you in on.

Sex Cocoon. We open three days after the end of the last episode and Greg and Rebecca have spent the days in a “sex cocoon”. As he gets ready to leave to work, she suggests they discuss their history, but he is totally fine with it. He wants to keep it all “light and polite”, except in the bedroom. She’s clearly bothered by his casual attitude, but doesn’t object to the booty calls.

Coping Without Josh. At work, Rebecca insists to Paula that they not speak about Josh, but Paula’s fears may be coming true, because they’re struggling for conversation when they’re not talking about him. Daryl comes in to the break room to talk about Paula’s yearly entry into the pie contest and Rebecca gives them a new mission: she’s going to help Paula win this year and to do that they have to break in to the competition’s pie shop. Paula also starts to suspect that Rebecca is sleeping with someone, but Rebecca denies it, so Paula is just happy that she’s not sleeping with Greg since she believes he’s not romance material. And, as Josh’s friend, that’s a big no-no. Oops.

Contagious Weddings. Meanwhile, Valencia seems very involved in Josh’s sister’s wedding now and uses it as an excuse to remind Josh about how great marriage is. But Josh starts to worry that marriage is “contagious” and Valencia will start pushing him to commit.

Who Has the Power? Heather is the first to realize that Greg and Rebecca are sleeping together and she tells Josh, who seems to be upset about the situation. But he can’t figure out why until he realized that he must be jealous, which throws him for a loop. And when Heather confronts Rebecca about it, she tells Rebecca she’s fine with the relationship if it’s true love. But Rebecca is just confused about the situation, and Greg’s friend warns him to hang on to the power in this situation so that Rebecca can’t hurt him again. Basically, we’re heading to a reckoning here because being “casual” isn’t going to work.

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