CASTLE Recap: Genie in a Bottle


Do you believe in genies? Well, Castle certainly does and on this week’s episode of CASTLE his beliefs get him into a little trouble. A victim is found decapitated and Castle finds a book open in the apartment that holds an interesting clue: a seal. This seal is the supposed signal for a magical ability to trap genies in a bottle. And the hunt begins — Espo and Ryan (who’s ready any minute for the birth of his second child) are searching for a killer, while Castle is searching for a singing blue cartoon.

Both Team Genie and Team Real Ruspect begin their search with an interesting woman who appears at the victim’s apartment and claims the man’s ex-boyfriend had been yelling at him earlier that week. Espo and Ryan take him in to questioning while the mystery woman visits Castle’s office for a chat. She tells him that she is a journalist and will help him as long as she keeps her exclusive scoop. But, as soon as he turns around, she has seemingly evaporated. He takes her lead and talks with an esteemed professor about the history of the genie myth and a mythical lamp that holds these type of spirits.

Conversely, in the interrogation room, the ex-boyfriend says that the victim was in over his head with a partnership to excavate a particular lamp that supposedly (according to some) holds a genie. When Espo and Ryan go to pick up the victim’s partner, the man is absolutely convinced of the existence of an evil genie. They eventually get enough out of the partner to find a warehouse where the lamp is supposed to be. Convinced at this point that the mystery journalist who lied about her real name is, in fact, a genie, Castle leaves the lamp-less warehouse and chases after a woman who looks like the blonde “journalist.” He catches up with her just in time to realize that she isn’t who he thought, but he then enters a different warehouse where he finds the long-searched-for lamp.

Just as he touches it, three armed assailants appear and, after Castle makes a wish, so does the blond journalist/possible genie to save the day. Once they all get back safe and sound to the precinct, Beckett interviews the woman and it is revealed she is actually private security, hired by a Mr. X (who also hired the victim) to find and protect the valuable lamp. As they track down where the lamp was shipped from, two more suspects crop up, and with a quick police take-down they bring in two Turkish suspects, one of whom was a student of the very same professor that Castle had talked to earlier.

It turns out, after a bit of digging, that the professor had spent her whole career obsessed with finding this lamp, to the point of destroying her marriage. The male suspect the police have just brought in was in her class and they worked together to figure out that the victim had found it. She then murdered the victim and took the lamp, which NYPD recovered from her apartment that same day. The lamp is returned to the prince of its country of origin and, when he comes to pick it up, it is revealed that the blond woman working private security was actually hired by this prince. To make things better, when they leave he says to her “come on, Jeanie”. Coincidence?

All is well in Castle world with the murderer arrested and the lamp placed in Smithsonian, but things take a turn when Ryan calls saying that there has been a complication with Jenny’s delivery. The team rushes to the hospital to wait with Ryan, and Castle even uses his last two wishes (that he believes he has) on making sure Jenny and the baby are safe. After a few hours of waiting Ryan comes back and says everything is fine. Jenny is stable and they have a healthy baby boy — with a middle name of Javier, after the best partner in the world.

Catch an all new CASTLE on April 18 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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