THE GRINDER Sneak Peeks: Taking Notes

the grinder

It’s 2008 in Burbank when this week’s episode of THE GRINDER begins and Dean is watching a focus group discuss the pilot episode of his brand new show. As it turns out, Dean is a big believer of focus groups, particularly when none of the participants dispute his attractiveness (even if they can’t believe Mitch’s legal abilities).

In the present, Stewart and Dean are preparing their father for questioning in his malpractice case and Stew is worried that Dean Sr.’s anger issues will hurt his case. Dean Sr. doesn’t agree, but Dean believes there’s only one way to solve this: they should poll the people. So he rounds up a focus group to evaluate how their father answers questions.

And then, suddenly, everything is focused grouped. Stewart’s performance during the mock questioning is criticized for not being “lawyerly” enough, Claire is rated highly and one member of the group thinks that Dean Sr. is hiding something. But is he? Dean is aghast at the possibility that the focus group could be wrong. Back at home, Stewart’s kids decide to hold their own focus groups — to varying results.

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