EMPIRE Teasers: Tour Troubles and Childhood Truths


The Lyon family is back in charge of Empire after the deaths of Mimi and Camilla, but the tensions within the family keep simmering, even as Cookie’s birthday approaches. Here’s what to expect from this week’s episode:

The Aftermath. We open with a memorial service for Mimi and Camilla and Hakeem seems to be the only person who is genuinely sad about Camilla’s death. He also announces they’re going to continue the Anthony & Cleopatra line with Rhonda Lyon as the new creative director. Meanwhile, Lucious insists that he’s just going to focus on filming his new video while Hakeem remains as CEO, but both Hakeem and Jamal don’t trust their father to lay low. AndCookie just wants the family to gather for her birthday dinner, but that may be more difficult than she suspected.

Telling His Truth. Lucious heads back to his old neighborhood with Cookie to help plan his video and he shows her the spot where he transformed himself as a child. Cookie wants him to put his whole truth into the video, but Lucious shows rare moments of vulnerability as he has to relive some childhood memories via the actors representing young Lucious and his mother. The situation is also causing Cookie to see him in a new light and Jamal is concerned his mother may be falling for Lucious again.

Not Playing Nice. Menage a Trois has joined Tiana on tour, but it’s clear there’s already problems between the women. Menage keeps going over their time and cutting into Tiana’s set and she’s furious. Becky gets Hakeem to intervene after the conflict gets leaked online and he manages to negotiate a compromise between the women. He also meets Laura’s parents and realizes how different his father is from other fathers. Expect Hakeem to make a big decision at the end of the epsiode.

Switching Sides? Hakeem and Jamal also set out to find Freda and ask her to record a song with Jamal, but she’s fiercely loyal to Lucious. They try to convince her that Lucious acting like a replacement father isn’t actually a good thing, but she stands firm. Of course, Lucious isn’t always the best in keeping people on his side, so it’s possible he could anger Freda in some way.

Family History. We’ll be coming full circle on how Lucious’ mother’s behavior reflects on the family today as Andre learns some Lyon family history. And it’s all going to lead to an ending with Rhonda that will have you biting your nails for what comes next.

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