ARCHER Preview: The Competitive World of Private Schools


Archer, Lana and Mallory are attempting to get AJ into a private school in this week’s episode. Gathering at Country Day to await an interview, Archer wonders why they can’t just send AJ to public school, but the ladies scoff at the idea.

Enter Richard, an old classmate of Archer who also happens to be on the board of the school. He’s one of Archer’s old tormentors and, along with another boy, used to bully him mercilessly (even called him “Swerling Archer” because of all the swirlies they used to give him). The suave, debonair Archer seems to disappear when Richard is around, making him vastly different from his usual persona.

But Richard has a use for Archer now and Lana insists that Archer take on whatever job Richard wants so that he can help get AJ into the school. After Richard tells Archer that he has stage 4 cancer and wants him to kill him so that his wife can collect the insurance money and he doesn’t have to suffer, Archer agrees. But the situation spins wildly out of control once the hit job begins and Archer is stuck in the middle of his former classmates.

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