BONES: EP Michael Peterson on Hodgins & Angela’s Marriage, Special Episodes & the Rest of Season 11


BONES is returning with all new episodes after an extended hiatus and Hodgins’ paralysis after an explosion in the mid-season finale will be a big focus of the return episode, as well as the remainder of the season. The show will also be doing a documentary-style episode, bringing back a guest star for the finale and showing upcoming trials and tribulations for Hodgins and Angela.

During a recent call with reporters, Executive Producer Michael Peterson doled out teasers for the remainder of season 11.

The Impact of Hodgins’ Paralysis. “We really wanted to make sure that this was something that, it wasn’t like Matthew on DOWNTON ABBEY where it was very quick and done.  And we really wanted to make sure it affected everybody.  So, I’m glad that that radiated when you were watching it. It’s such a wonderful, and I always thank Hart for [this] — we call it the DNA that he put into this show — of making such dynamic characters with such opposing points of view, and I think this really brought it out. From the first episode it’s really about the different viewpoints. Booth is much more about the hope [about Hodgins’ diagnosis], and Brennan is looking strictly at the science of the situation, which is not so hopeful. And then it really from there takes off because we want to make sure Hodgins, he gets to feel every different emotion that comes when you have this sort of tragedy. So, a little bit in denial at the beginning and then we see some anger coming out later on. I think he did a tremendous job. But, yes we didn’t want to shortchange it. If we were going to go for this, we wanted to go for it full hog.”

Hodgins and Angela’s Growing Family. The couple decided they wanted to try and have another child before Hodgins ended up paralyzed, but has the situation derailed their plans? “We’re definitely going to be exploring that. I think the first thing that Hodgins has to do is he has to go to a place of acceptance before he can move forward in any other capacity for his relationship with Angela, moving on with having additional children, and anything else in his life he just has to get to a place where he is accepting of this injury and the new limitations. And so that I think is his biggest journey, is to get there.”

Will Angela Be Tempted? “[Episode] 14 is also going to be a big episode as far as Hodgins and Angela, and where they’re going. Because with everything that’s going on with him it’s also this Crucible moment for Angela, where we’ve introduced this character at the beginning of the season [Sebastian Kohl], who’s her photographer/mentor and it’s this glimpse into another life that she could have had if she had taken off and been more [of] the artist. And so it’s going to be tough on everybody. There’s going to be temptations for Angela, temptations for Hodgins, and hopefully we’ll do it all in the correct way, so still showing restraint. But it’s not an issue that’s going to be resolved easily.”

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Mid-Life Crisis. We saw Booth going through a bit of a mid-life crisis earlier this season, but overall that seems to have been dealt with. “Booth’s going to have some other little crises that are worse than a midlife crisis.  We have one episode coming up where he almost finds himself becoming something of a squint, and nothing more horrifying to Booth than to find himself behaving in a squint-like manner.  So, we’re going to give him some little tests, as far as that kind of stuff goes.  But I do think an injury, when you see somebody else suffering in a real life way, it helps put everything in perspective.  So, definitely Hodgins’ injury is going to help Booth as far as that goes.”

Undercover Episodes. “There won’t be for the rest of [season 11], but absolutely for season 12.  We love doing them and we just think we’ve found a good one for season 12.  But we’re going to hold off to do that.  We usually do about one a year, so, yes, we’ll save one more for season 12.”

Documentary-Style Episode. “Another episode that we’re very excited about is episode 18 that’s coming up.  It’s more of a documentary style one.  It’s our cross between MODERN FAMILY and MAKING OF A MURDERER.  And what’s fun there is we do get to lift up the curtain and see behind the scenes, so a big reason why I wanted to do is to be able to get into some of this relationship stuff as far as our leads go.  And we get to learn a little bit more about their past.  It’s not a standard episode and we really wanted to do it as a tribute to the fans, of just saying, there are some things people wanted to know about our characters, and here’s our opportunity to do a documentary style episode where we can tell you a little bit more than usual.”

Cam and Arastoo. “I think we’ll see a lot more with what’s going on with her and Arastoo as the season progresses.  And hopefully she won’t always be unlucky [in love].  We’re going to see some movements.  But Cam, she definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, and I don’t think her relationship with Arastoo is going to follow the model of Brennan, or Hodgins and Angela.  It’s going to move its own way.  There are a couple more twists and turns as far as that goes, but we’re going to see a lot more.  At the beginning of the season it looked like Arastoo might be gone, but his relationship with Cam is more important than anything else for him.”

Guest Stars for Season 11. They’re currently getting ready to shoot the finale (with star David Boreanaz directing) and Ryan O’Neal will reprise his role as Brennan’s father. Peterson also said “I think the one that most excited David Boreanaz was we have an episode with some hockey elements to it, so Jeremy Roenick is going to be in that one. He’s beyond thrilled about that. We also have Parker coming back [in episode 16] so it’s more of a family affair here of getting Parker back, Max’s back, and people like that.”

The Season 11 Finale. “At the end of the season we’re going to be leaning towards a cliffhanger that’s obviously going to be a big effect on Booth and Brennan and it’s going to lead us strongly into season 12.”

BONES airs on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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