OUTLANDER Teasers: New City, Old Problems


Claire and Jamie are adjusting to their new life in Paris in this week’s OUTLANDER, but past trauma still hangs over them, as does the grim future they are facing.

Still Recovering. Jamie’s PTSD is still alive and well. We open with what looks like Claire and Jamie having sex, but Claire’s face soon morph’s into Black Jack’s and Jamie instantly reacts, stabbing him repeatedly. But don’t worry, he didn’t accidentally kill Claire — it’s just a dream. Albeit, a terrible and bloody one. Claire is well-aware of her husband’s nightmares, but she insists that Black Jack is dead and Jamie will heal in time. One thing that is healing are Jamie’s fingers, although his sword fighting practice with Murtagh is testing the limits.

The Lady of the House Meets Master Raymond. Claire and Jamie have settled into his cousin Jared’s grand and beautiful Parisian home, but it’s clear that Claire isn’t a woman who is used to having servants. Her maid, Suzette, cannot comprehend that “Madame” insists on folding her own clothes and making her own bed. Claire leaves Suzette to remake the bed to her satisfaction while she heads out to visit Master Raymond at his apothecary so that she can find something to help Jamie sleep. He’s happy to meet her as her reputation proceeds her thanks to her run-in with the Comte St. Germain and the two become fast friends. Caitriona Balfe also teased that Master Raymond will soon introduce Claire to a new job.

Not in Scotland Anymore. It’s clear that Murtagh hates France — declaring that Paris smells like a “chamberpot”. He’s also unhappy about their lack of progress over these last few weeks regarding the Rebellion. He suggests they simply kill Charles Stuart, the leader of the Rebellion, and hire an assassin to do the job, but Jamie cautions patience. And soon they get lucky, because Jared has arranged an introduction between Charles Stuart and Jamie — at a brothel. Jamie’s first attempts to dissuade Charles regarding the Rebellion is met with anger and frustration and it’s clear that different tactics are needed, particularly when Charles asks Jamie to act as his emissary to the French court. It also soon becomes obvious that the world of the upper-class French is vulgar, overly sexual and…well, gross.

Claire’s New Friends and Jamie’s Old Flame. We’re introduced to two of Claire’s new Parisian friends in this episode: Louise de La Tour de Rohan (who is a delight) and the shy and young Mary Hawkins. It’s through Louise that Claire and Jamie get an “in” to the French court. Fans will also meet Annalise, an old flame of Jamie’s .

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