Christine confronts Jacqueline this week on THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. She’s concerned about Jacqueline’s level of control and about Avery’s situation, explaining that her friend is broke and out of school now. Jacqueline tells her that Avery is erratic and she simply doesn’t trust her because of some of her shady business practices. Jacqueline also warns Christine away from Avery and tells her not to become seduced by her friend. Avery, meanwhile, starts becoming suspicions of Jacqueline and Christine, to a degree. As a result, Christine starts to wonder who she can trust and decides to take more control. Her work and school are also suffering as her GFE life begins to take over.

Meanwhile, there’s some internal posturing at Kirkland as one of the lawyers leaving means trouble for David. So he recruits Erin to hang on to one of the firm’s top clients.

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