THE GOOD WIFE Sneak Peeks: Megan Hilty Guest Stars and Peter Gets [Spoilers]

megan hilty

Does Diane have some competition on THE GOOD WIFE?

In the upcoming episode, Gary Cole returns as her husband, Kurt McVeigh, and he’s decided to retire and sell his business to a rival business owner, Holly Westfall (Megan Hilty). The lovely Holly strolls into Diane’s firm to discuss the transaction and it’s clear that Diane isn’t happy to meet her, particularly when Holly shares that she was Kurt’s favorite student. After having enough of Holly’s charm, Diane makes it clear that the price has gone up and Holly has to pay if she wants to acquire the business.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Lucca will be traveling to Toronto to represent NSA Agent Jeff Delinger (Zach Woods) who was detained by customs officers while attempting to re-enter the United States. And Peter is contemplating an uncertain future as he faces arrest….again. Fortunately, Alicia is determined to stand by her husband despite their rocky history and makes him look presentable even as the prosecution wants to “perp walk” him out of her apartment.

Don’t miss an all new episode of THE GOOD WIFE tonight (April 17) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and Global TV (Canada).

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