CASTLE Sneak Peek: Hayley… A Suspect?


CASTLE’s most beloved new character is in a suspicious situation. When an officer from MI6 comes to Castle’s office, Hayley and Alexis stay in the panic room as Rick converses with the British investigator. Apparently he is looking into Hayley for some sort of crime (even a conspiracy of several crimes) and it is at this point that the agent says Castle can’t trust Hayley because she isn’t who she seems to be.

Unfazed, Castle invites Hayley to a crime scene in the next clip below and the banter is back to normal with Star Wars references and jabs at Espo and Ryan’s crime-solving abilities. But, Hayley sees the body and seems to recognize it. And when she sees a pack of mints on the body, a flashback reveals her handing the mints to the now-deceased man. Knowing her fingerprints will be on the case, Hayley picks them up and “accidentally” mishandles the evidence to ensure there is a reasonable explanation for why her fingerprints are on the package.

Its looking like she may be guilty for more than just mishandling evidence. To see if she is innocent, watch an all-new CASTLE tonight (April 18) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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