CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Finale Teasers: Having a Moment

crazy ex-girlfriend

Greg and Rebecca’s new “relationship” is out in the open thanks to the penultimate episode of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, but is this crazy new couple destined to last through to season 2? You’ll find out on the season finale this week!

The Start of Something? Greg and Rebecca seem to really be coming together at the beginning of the episode, with Greg admitting he never wanted to be on his “hot date” that night and Rebecca admitting she had lied about all of the other dates she said she had. Out in the hospital hallway, Greg seems happy to tell Josh he should take his flowers for Rebecca and leave because Rebecca isn’t into him any longer. But despite Josh bowing out at the hospital, it’s clear that Greg is still worried that Rebecca is just settling for him. So his new plan is to act both casual and uninterested around her.

A Betrayal. Paula has calmed down from her hysterical scene in Rebecca’s hospital room, but she’s still furious at Rebecca — for lying to her *and* for sleeping with Greg. And then she lists everything she’s done for Rebecca (which Rebecca insists she didn’t ask for) to help Rebecca get Josh — and it’s a crazy, impressive list. Enough for a song. Then she leaves with a warning: “if you think you’re over Josh, you’re fooling yourself”.

Being Patient. Josh tells Valencia that he’s not oblivious to the fact that she’s waited a long time for the next step, but he wants her to let him do it in his own time.

Having a Moment. After Greg’s odd recent behaviour, Rebecca desperately wants to have a romantic “moment” with him that will define their new relationship, just like in the movies. But her neighbor suggests that she be honest and give up on the fantasy. Still, that’s difficult for Rebecca, so she decides to attend Jayma’s wedding with Greg so they can have a moment.

The Wedding. Broadway star Lea Salonga makes an appearance as Josh and Jayma’s aunt Verna, who is singing at the wedding. All of our main players are there and the wedding is full of big moments, including three confessions, a blow-up, an unexpected hook-up and a huge apology. But you’ll have to watch the episode to see who does what!

Don’t miss the season finale of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. The show has already been renewed for a second season.

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