CONTAINMENT: Meet the Characters


Imagine city blocks’ worth of people all trapped together, dying one by one as a virus spreads through them. And as they’re trapped inside this large urban area, they need to figure out a way to survive and get in touch with their loved ones outside the cordon. That’s the basis of the new CW drama CONTAINMENT. As the CDC and the authorities try to stop the virus and contain the chaos, the people inside and outside the barricaded area all have their own struggles. Fortunately, the CW has put together some handy interviews to introduce you to the major players of CONTAINMENT.

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Alex “Lex” Carnahan (played by David Gyasi). Lex is a likable Atlanta PD officer who has quickly risen through the ranks. The CDC and the authorities want him to be the public face of the government’s cordon and message, but his girlfriend and his pseudo-brother, Jake, are also trapped inside the quarantine, which leaves him conflicted and afraid.

Jana Mayfield (played by Christina Moses). Jana is a tough lady and she’s very hesitant to actually move in with her boyfriend, Lex. Enter Lex’s cop partner and Jana’s former lover, Jake, who tries to convince Jana that she should take her relationship with Lex to the next level.

Jake Riley (played by Chris Wood). Jake is the kind of guy who is “closed off to the world”, according to Wood. As Lex’s best friend and a fellow officer, he presents a mask to the world but is ultimately a good person. He ends up inside the quarantine zone and is terrified. He also feels betrayed when he believes that Lex sent him to the hospital to be trapped.

Katie Frank (played by Kristen Gutoskie). Katie is an elementary school teacher and a single mom whose young son is in her class. Her students head to the hospital for a field trip on the day of the outbreak and are trapped inside as a result. She also befriends Jake in the hospital.

Leo Greene (played by Trevor St. John). As a reporter, Leo is trying to get to the truth of the quarantine in Atlanta because he thinks there’s something suspicious with this situation.

Dr. Sabine Lommers (played by Claudia Black). Black nicknames her character “Bad News Barbie”. As a federal official, she’s the one who makes the decision to cordon off a portion of downtown Atlanta. She’s got a tough job and believes the virus could be a terrorist attack.

Dr. Victor Cannerts (played by George Young). The doctor is investigating the outbreak in Atlanta and trying to find a cure. He’s pretty abrupt and doesn’t have a great bedside manner, but he is quite intelligent and good at his job. He’s also the person who believes they should cordon off the hospital and is trying to figure out who patient zero is.

Teresa Keaton (played by Hanna Mangan Lawrence). Teresa is a young woman who is pregnant and it’s clear that her mother is determined to have Teresa give up her child. But along with Xander (her boyfriend and the father of her child), she seems determined to keep their baby. They’re about to run away together, but she gets trapped inside the quarantine area.

CONTAINMENT airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on the CW.

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