CHICAGO FIRE Recap: Alderman to the Rescue

chicago fire

This week’s CHICAGO FIRE centered around a touching story of a high schooler and his struggle with gang life in Chicago. He was first rescued by Casey and his team on the train tracks. Having been beaten and tied up, the firefighters had to work quickly to get him down and to the hospital. Luckily he came out of it healthy and still wanting to walk at his graduation, something he had worked really hard for.

Unfortunately, when Casey goes to talk to the gang leaders about securing safe passage for the kid, they don’t agree. This leads Casey to make a bold decision, which is to take his entire house and provide protection for Victor as he walks to the school building for the graduation ceremony. As the music swells and the firefighters stand in single file all down the street a beautiful scene is carried out about defeating violence with solidarity and unity. Thanks to his valiant efforts, Casey is approached at the end of the episode by a political adviser who wants to help his career in the future.

While Casey is working with the hard-hitting gang life of Chicago, Kidd and Herman work with something a little bit different: alcohol. The two have a bet on who is the better bar owner, so to settle it they play several rounds of Bar Olympics. Answering questions, doing blind tastings, all the way up to a timed drink order the two of them are engaged in a battle. In the en, Kidd pulls out ahead, meaning she is the winner of the $300 ante, but instead says she wants to work at Molly’s. Herman agrees with some persuasion from Dawson, and it looks like Molly just got a new employee.

Jimmy also gets to experience the finer things in life when a patient he and Brett save on a rescue calls them back, clearly flirting with Jimmy. Chief tries to reprimand Jimmy for the time taken to have tea with a patient, but in the end Jimmy says that he was trying to give her some dignity back after finding her in such a compromising position during their first rescue. And obviously Boden can’t argue with such a cute face.

There were also some loose ends in this episode of CHICAGO FIRE that seem to be setting up a longer story arc for the rest of the season. Ottis has a series of mysterious bruises on his body that he gets checked out by one of his friends at Chicago Med. The doctor wants him to run a blood test but, afraid that the bruises are a sign of leukemia, he doesn’t go through with the test, despite telling Sylvie that he did. Kelley also has a series of interactions with the homicide detective and her son. The boy was staying at the firehouse as his mom deals with an extremely difficult case. There isn’t much Kelley can do, but we will wait and see what comes of the mother’s trial.

Catch an all new episode of CHICAGO FIRE on April 26 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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