BONES Teasers: Seeing the World From Hodgins’ POV & Delving Into the Meninist Movement


The team delves into the Meninist movement in this week’s BONES and Brennan gets uncharacteristically angry when she learns more about the group’s beliefs.

When the team finds a body in a car crash, they learn that the remains belong to a founder of a men’s rights organization who may have been the victim of domestic abuse. During a recent call with reporters, executive producer Michael Peterson said “if you do anything that’s sensitive [on TV] you’re going to get some kickback. But it was just such an eye opener. When we bring up subject matters we don’t want to go into territory that every other show has done, and so this was one that was pretty fresh feeling to me. And so when I started learning about more the details of it, it was just so right for our show, where we have all these characters who have such opposing points of view, and it opens up a great conversation. And I think good TV should do that. We open up interesting conversations and I just found the whole thing fascinating.”

“As a man I also found it very amusing. By the time we got to the point where people are suing over being circumcised I just couldn’t stop laughing. It just seemed amazing. But I thought that was fascinating, and then also the women who support the Meninist movement. So, you know you have a good episode on your hands with the more research that you do the more fascinating it becomes. It just seemed ripe for a BONES episode, so we just ran towards it. And I’m sure there will be some interesting talkback, but I love a good conversation. We welcome any feedback that comes from it.”

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Peterson also said that episode 12 is a special one “where we really get to see the world through Hodgins’ new point of view, where we see him going through the lab, he’s at a different height, he’s at a different level, he’s looking around the lab, all the things that he cannot do that he used to just take for granted.  And so it was a question that became a wonderful opportunity, and so we built this elevator for him, and Antoine, who directed that, just did a magnificent job.  And we got to understand his new perspective before really seeing him become angry [about his new situation], and I think it gave great empathy for him.” Be prepared for a lot of anger from Hodgins in this episode. He’s overly snappy with people around him, especially Angela, who takes the brunt of her anger because she just wants to help him.

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