GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Premiere Recap: Is Jon Snow Dead?


As we reenter the expansive world of GAME OF THRONES, the burning question on everyone’s mind is:  Is Jon Snow truly dead?  Will we find out tonight during the first episode that is aptly named The Red Woman (playing on our hopes that Melisandre returned to The Wall to bring Jon back)?  We shall see.

We start our GAME OF THRONES adventure tonight off, of course, at The Wall, on Jon Snow’s dead body lying on the ground with Ghost howling in the background.

The Wall

Davos and Jon’s loyal friends take him inside and place him on table.  They know that Alliser is to blame and vow to fight.  Melisandre shows up, seems to be unhinged as she tells Davos she saw Jon in her flames at Winterfell fighting.  Tollett leaves to find help in avenging Jon.

There is an uproar in the mess hall as Alliser tells everyone Jon Snow is dead and he killed him.  Later, Alliser has guards posted all over as he knocks on Davos’ door.  Alliser promises amnesty to anyone who lays down their arms before nightfall.  The other men want to lay down arms, but Davos believes they can use Melisandre in their fight.

That night, Melisandre is alone in her chambers.  She approaches her mirror and disrobes, looking very sad as she also takes off her necklace.  Apparently, the necklace kept her young because as we see her again without the necklace, she is a very ancient woman, with sparse, thin white hair.  She turns away from the mirror and hobbles naked to the bed.


Ramsey seems almost remorseful standing over the body of his friend Myranda, whom Sansa and Theon had killed when they escaped.

When Ramsay leaves, telling the guard to feed Myranda’s body to the hounds, Roose and Ramsay talk about the death of Stannis.  Roose urges Ramsay to find Sansa so that they can have the support of the North.

Sansa and Theon

Running through the snow-covered woods, sounds of the hounds in the background, Sansa and Theon come to a raging, freezing river.  They cross and take shelter under a tree.  Theon holds Sansa to try to warm her.  The hounds start again, sounding closer.  Theon leaves to lure hounds away, telling Sansa to go north to Jon.  Sansa doesn’t leave and the men/hounds find her under the tree.  Brienne rides up with Podrick and saves them.  Brienne swears her fealty to Sansa, who accepts.

King’s Landing

Cercei learns of a ship coming in from Dorne and happily runs to the pier.  Her face crumbles as she sees a forlorn Jaime standing at the bow of the ship.  Inside her rooms, Cercei reminisces about Myrcella and remembers the witch’s prophecy of her children.  Jaime promises vengeance

We next see Margaery in her cell, being read Bible passages from one of the sisters.  The High Sparrow enters and encourages Margaery to confess.


On the other side of our GAME OF THRONES world, Ellaria is walking with Doran Martell, reminiscing about Oberyn.  Doran receives the message about Myrcella being dead.  One of the Sand Snakes kills the guards as Ellaria stabs Doran in the chest.  Trystane gets a visit from the other two Sand Snakes, who kill him as well.

Tyrion and Varys

Walking through the streets dressed as commoners talking about the Sons of the Harpy, they notice a large group of people running.  They walk that way and see that all of the ships in the harbor are burning.

Mormont and Daario

Riding through the country looking for signs of Daenerys, Mormont and Daario find charred remains of animals, believing they are close to Drogon’s lair.  We see that Mormont still has the mark of greyscale on his wrist.  As they come across land that they believe a large army had been through, Mormont finds the ring that Daenerys had intentionally dropped.  He tells Daario that the Dothraki have her.

Dothraki Army

Marching Daenerys, whipping her as a slave.  She is brought before the Khal of the tribe.  She stands up to him and is not intimidated.  She tells him she was the Khalessi of Khal Drogo.  He is surprised and he unties her hands, promising that no man will touch or harm her.  She asks to be transported back to Meereen, but he informs her that she will be taken to Vaes Dothrak where widowed Khaleesis  must go.


We see a blind Arya on the steps in Braavos, listening intently to the people talking around her.  The other girl, “no one,” at the House of Black and White taunts her, gives her a stick and tells her to fight.  Arya loses and the girl walks away, promising to see her the next day.

My Thoughts

I completely wasn’t expecting the whole Melisandre turn at the end, and I realize now that it kind of overshadowed my anxiety over Jon Snow.  It appears that Jon Snow truly is dead and that even Melisandre was not able to revive him.  It also appears that Melisandre is some kind of witch (and not at all the red rapture beauty without that necklace on!).

The whole episode was one of loss and mourning.  It had a very dark, forlorn feeling to it, in every moment, every frame.  I am beginning to expect the end is near for a lot of our beloved characters.

Don’t miss the next episode of GAME OF THRONES on April 30 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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