THE LAST MAN ON EARTH Sneak Peeks: Carol’s New Pregnancy Plan

last man on earth

Phil and Mike have made after their recent prank war and are bonding quite nicely on this week’s THE LAST MAN ON EARTH. Via karaoke. And it’s not something that the others are very happy about, as you can see from the clip below, particularly because they keep singing the same song over and over. And over and over and over.

Meanwhile, Carol had asked Todd to be her baby-daddy at the end of the last episode and tonight she tells Phil about her plan to use Todd as a sperm donor. Phil suggests they use a turkey baster, but Carol things that doing things the “old fashioned ways” are the best way to guarantee a pregnancy. Naturally, Phil isn’t happy about his wife sleeping with another man. She suggests Mike as an alternative, but Phil likes that idea even less. And so he agrees to have Todd as his baby’s father. Then, the situation becomes even crazier when Phil comes up with his own plan.

Expect two big surprises at the end of the episode!

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