BLINDSPOT Sneak Peek: Active Shooter


The overall narrative of BLINDSPOT has raced along quickly the past few weeks as Jane Doe has learned more about her past from her former lover Oscar and she has found her relationship with Weller woven into strange new weaves. Her work with her FBI team has even come into question in her own mind, only to be strengthened again.

Last week, Jane and Weller found themselves working with quick-witted Rich Dotcom, whom they had encountered in a bizarre episode last fall. Incarcerated in prison, he realized he couldn’t survive there, so he made a deal with the FBI to give them access to a much wanted terrorist through stolen paintings that Dotcom claimed the terrorist wanted. Except it turned out to be a ruse and Dotcom pulled a fast one on the team, escaping with the precious paintings. After the operation, Jane drew herself closer to Weller at Oscar’s insistence, accompanying Weller to his father’s deathbed in the hospital. Using photos from her past, Jane pretended to remember Weller’s father as he lay dying, bringing him peace of mind. Thus, a new web of intrigue has ensnared Jane, who has been drawn in only through Oscar’s urging and Jane’s insecurities.

Meanwhile, forces within the FBI have been conspiring against assistant director Mayfair, as they seek to uncover what happened to CIA assistant director Carter and threaten to uncover issues from Mayfair’s past. All as Weller’s team continues to unravel the mysteries of the tattoos on Jane’s body and save lives based on the strange clues.

This week, the team must stop an active shooter on a college campus based on a set of numbers tattooed on Jane’s body, as you will see in the video clip below. Danger lurks as the team splits up to take down the shooter.

Don’t miss this new episode of BLINDSPOT tonight (April 25) on NBC at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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