CASTLE Sneak Peek: Superhero Lazarus


There’s an intriguing case for the team on this week’s CASTLE. When Castle interviews a man hospitalized after a presumed attack, he gets a bit overexcited about the possibility that the man in the hospital gown is a real life superhero. This fantasy is made even more believable for Castle when the man reveals there was a chemical spill that he was exposed to. Now, even though the chemical wasn’t toxic or dangerous to humans, Castle remains convinced he’s right.

There is also a possibility that this man is not only a superhero, but apparently immortal? The sneak peek below shows a scene where, after pronouncing the victim dead, Lanie shows Castle and Espo around the (now deceased) man’s room. That is, until he happens to stand up and ask them what they are doing. Castle talks to the now biblically-risen man about what he saw on the other side, but this particular Lazarus doesn’t have the answers Castle is looking for, claiming to remember trying to call the cable company and then waking up to find his house full of people.

Catch this all new episode of CASTLE tonight (April 25) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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