LUCIFER Season Finale Recap: Trying To Clear His Name


The devil needed to beat a murder rap in the season finale of LUCIFER. Picking up where the penultimate episode left off, Chloe and other cops had Lucifer surrounded, thinking that he had murdered the preacher. Lucifer was stung when Chloe said it didn’t matter what she believed because she needed to take him to the police station. But Amenadiel swooped in and spirited his brother away.

Up on the rooftop of the Roosevelt Hotel, Lucifer told his brother he would go willingly back to Hell now after having had his fill of humanity. But Amenadiel refused to take him up on his offer. Instead, he accepted his part in the mess Malcolm had created and wanted to team up with Luci to take the evil human down.

Meanwhile, Dan had arrived at the crime scene and seemed convinced that Lucifer was guilty….until he saw the murder weapon. Realizing that it was Malcolm’s gun, he confessed everything to Chloe, including what had happened at Palmetto Street. She was understandably furious and he vowed to make things right. While he did that, Chloe headed out to find Lucifer. He wasn’t at Lux, but she spoke to Maze, who laid out how much she resented Chloe’s presence in Lucifer’s life. Still, the two women agreed to team up to try and track down Malcolm.

Amenadiel and Lucifer were also searching for the crooked cop and, after a bit of help from Dan, they tracked him down to a warehouse used by one of his drug dealer friends. He had come looking for money to buy fake papers so he could hightail it out of town, but the angels (later joined by Chloe and Maze) took him down. He managed to escape, but without his bag of cash. Amenadiel, unfortunately, had been slashed with a demon blade that Malcolm had stolen from Lux. Fortunately, Maze had kept one of Lucifer’s angelic wing feathers and used the divinity inside the object to heal Amenadiel.

Chloe then took Lucifer into the station, insisting that they had to clear his name properly. And they did, because Dan confessed everything about himself and Malcolm. But, at the same time, Chloe received a call from Malcolm. He had kidnapped Trixie and was demanding that Chloe return his bag of money.

She secretly removed the bag from the station before it could be processed as evidence and left for the drop point. Lucifer realized what was happening and followed her. She managed to retrieve her daughter (who then went to hide on her mother’s orders), but Malcolm seemed determined to kill her.

And in walked Lucifer. He managed to get Chloe hidden away, but he got a bullet to the stomach for his troubles. And since Chloe was in the vicinity, he was near death. So the devil prayed to his father, begging him for help. Except all he wanted was protection for Chloe.

Then we experienced a very strange vision, courtesy of God. Lucifer was back in Hell, in an old dungeon. One of the cells had been broken open and something had escaped. But we’ll get back to that soon.

Back in the real world, Malcolm was hunting for Chloe after having shot Lucifer, but Luci recovered (thanks to some help from his father) and interrupted Malcolm’s search, giving Chloe enough time to kill Malcolm before he could do any more damage.

Later, Lucifer and Amenadiel regrouped at Lucifer’s apartment and they traded stories of their mutual healings. Lucifer also had some bad news and told his brother about his vision. He believes that God wants them to find someone very evil who had escaped from Hell.

But who could this being be? Amenadiel wondered the same thing, particularly when it was apparent that Lucifer was frightened. And then Lucifer dropped a bomb: the being that had escaped Hell was their mother. Dun, dun, dun! Mull that one over, folks!

LUCIFER has been renewed for a second season and will return in the fall/winter on Fox.

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