LUCIFER Season Finale Teasers: Framing the Devil for Murder


Lucifer was framed for murder in last week’s penultimate episode. But can the devil clear his good name? Here’s what you need to know about tonight’s season finale.

The Great Escape. We begin with Lucifer denying that he killed the preacher. Chloe thinks it doesn’t matter what she believes, but Lucifer insists it’s the only thing that matters. He declares her to be just like all of the others and tempts the police officers to shoot him. And then….he vanishes. Thanks to a little bit of help from Amenadiel.

Take me Back to Hell. Lucifer tells his brother that he’s ready to grant his fondest wish and have Amenadiel take him back to Hell. But is the other angel going to follow through? Let’s just say that Amenadiel realizes that he needs to focus on the big picture instead of petty differences with his brother.

Frame Job. Chloe believes that Lucifer is innocent and tells Dan. Dan is, of course, disbelieving, at least until he realizes what’s going on here. Knowing that he has made a big mistake, he sets about trying to make things right.

The Party’s Over. Maze confronts Chloe when she returns to Lux looking for Lucifer. And all of a sudden Maze’s anger over how Chloe ruined her party with Lucia comes out. But Chloe insists she believes Lucifer is innocent and the two women pair up to find him.

The Hunt. Pretty soon, everyone is on the hunt for Malcolm. He makes a visit to a drug dealer for some quick cash so that he can buy forged documents and get out of town with a new identity. Eventually, Luci and Chloe team up to catch him and clear Lucifer’s name together. And when Malcolm realizes he’s going to need some help getting out of town, he takes Trixis hostage as a bargaining chip. Expect a prayer and a promise to be uttered. As a result, a discovery is made…one that sets up a big storyline for season 2. (because yes, LUCIFER has been renewed for a second season).

Don’t miss the season finale of LUCIFER tonight (April 25) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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