ONCE UPON A TIME Recap: Wicked Redeemed?

once upon a time

I have to say, I was entirely too surprised – and confused – by last night’s ONCE UPON A TIME. Just when I thought that Zelena could not be redeemed and would be wicked forever, they go and have her forgive her mother and go after her true love – encouraged by Regina, no less! I mean, what?

Not that it’s a bad thing per se, but it was certainly unexpected. “Sisters” revealed how Regina and Zelena once knew each other when they were kids, and even had a sisterly relationship for a little while. Once, as a child, Regina found her mother’s wand and started playing with it, as any kid would. But the powerful wand released magic she wasn’t prepared for, which put her into sleeping curse. The only way to reverse that would be to have someone blood related do the spell, but that person had to be someone who had never done any harm to Regina.

Cora was crossed off the list – which shows what a wonderful mother she was – but she knew she could always find the child she gave away, so off she went after Zelena. Now, little Zelena was as innocent as any child, and didn’t really know how to handle her magic. Her mother was gone and her father mistreated her, so when Cora showed up, saying she could use her magic to help someone and that she didn’t need to hide who she was, Zelena was more than happy to come along.

So when they get there and Zelena heals Regina, the two young girls immediately become best friends. One day, while they’re playing, they come across the box that holds Cora’s wand, but that can only be open by blood magic. Zelena touches it, the box pops open and both girls are excited that they could possibly be related – even sisters. But Cora, being her evil self, splits them up and makes them forget they had ever known each other.

Back to present day, in the Underworld, Regina is determined to stop Zelena from having any kind of relationship with Hades, so she goes to her mother for help. Cora tells her they can make Zelena forget she ever met the King of the Underworld and Regina is all for it. So they try to deceive Zelena, but the Wicked Witch is totally not buying Cora’s regretful mother’s act, and accuses her of trying to poison her.

Cora, then, tells them that she has used the memory erasing potion on them before and then proceeds to give them back their memories. They all kiss and make up, Cora moves on and now Zelena and Regina are totally sisters.

But of course, nothing could ever be this simple. When Zelena is on her way to meet Hades – encouraged by Regina. Again, whaaaat? – she runs into Rumplestiltskin, who cannot be redeemed. He has resorted to his evil father in order to get Belle back and they kidnap Zelena. So her happy ending was extremely short lived.

Meanwhile, Charming’s evil twin takes his place, tries to steal Robin’s baby, but then ends up in the ocean by Charming’s hand.

Next week, however, we get to see the Savior being her awesome self again, and not just tagging along, like she has been for so many episodes. Check out the promo below. A new episode of ONCE UPON A TIME airs on May 1 at 8/7c on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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