BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Murder of the Meninist”


Hey, Bones fans! When we last left off, Hodgins received some bad news from the worst doctor ever that he probably would never walk again, and he lied to Angela about it. I’m sure only good results will come from this, as lying to your spouse about major issues is always a good idea. Here are your Bones Top Five Moments!

Brennan the Jinx
Booth has finally gotten Brennan to watch Flyers games with him. The only problem is that since she’s been watching, they’ve been on a losing streak. He deems her bad luck, but as Brennan points out, there is no such thing as luck. Also, it seems that Brennan, the smartest woman in the universe who pays attention to all of the fine details, still can’t get the term “hat trick.” Look! Smart people can’t understand simple concepts!

Aubrey doesn’t help when he confirms jinxes are real.

Booth even offers to take Brennan out to a romantic dinner to get her to not watch the game, but she’s insistent upon watching it.

Hodgins the Terrible
Let’s call him Cranky Hodgins. He’s stopped all of his physical therapy ever since the doctor gave him her chipper no hope speech. And Angela, probably suspicious of Hodgins’ new and improved gung-ho behavior, talked to the doctor directly and found out he has no neural connectivity. Hodgins admits he does have feelings. In addition to Cranky, we can add the rest of the dwarves, Anger, Rage, and Biting Sarcasm.

The Royal Diner isn’t helping matters, with people bumping into his wheelchair and spilling Booth’s coffee. Even Brennan tries to say they should go somewhere else, but Hodgins isn’t having it. He can sense coddling when he hears it and rejects Booth’s offer to watch the game, “Just the guys.” Maybe if he knew Brennan was a jinx…

And his face when he realizes he has to use the new special wheelchair lift…not pretty.

His verbal abuse of Angela is noticed by everyone, even Brennan, so you know it’s bad. Squintern Fuentes also gives it to him with both barrels, and though Hodgins claims he doesn’t want coddling, he does pull the paraplegic card to justify his horrible behavior.

Cam tries to get him involved in an experiment involving pig parts, but it’s a no go, and even though Hodgins tells her it’s going to explode, she immediately opens the door to the glass chamber, and Hodgins gets pelted, thus furthering his humiliation.

In the end, Angela discovers he’s joined a support group for people with spinal cord injuries, but rather than it helping to mellow him out, it’s ramping his anger up to eleven, and after verbally abusing her, he challenges Angela to leave him.

Why, show? WHY?

The Corpse of the Week!
Male burn victim of a supposed car crash. They’ve brought his clunker car into the lab, where…rut roh…Hodgins has to get the serial number off the new carburetor and can’t reach it. I think we just got all of the dwarves in one fell swoop.

His name is Emil Bradford, and it will surprise nobody that he didn’t die by auto accident.

So, it seems Emil was involved in domestic violence, perpetrated by his ex-wife, Gail. Booth and Aubrey, in their usual subtle way, come right out and accuse her of it. At this point she and Hodgins should get together, because she’s the female version of every stereotypical male abuser you’ve ever seen. Though she complains about having to put up with her sad sack husband who never held down a job, he was paying her ten grand a month in alimony from his family money, so it’s unclear why she’s so upset. Also, he started a men’s rights club called Men Now. This oughtta be good…

Angela braves the menosphere and digs through the ravings of middle-aged white men whining about how oppressed they are. They call themselves meninists, and Emil has a lovely video about how feminists are “lez-banese men haters” and their real plot is…wait for it… getting rid of the male species.

Booth and Brennan head over to the Men Now offices, where they’re greeted by…Karen? She’s a lovely woman married to Paul, a piece of work who talks to a bunch of potential members about the abolishment of r*pe shield laws. When he gets to the part about it being okay to r*pe women who dress provocatively, Booth is ready to punch him.

The reason Emil, and the other knuckle draggers, drove junkers is because, according to Karen, feminazis were shattering their car windows left and right. Paul suggests Leah Marino of Women for Change might have killed Emil, and Brennan announces she’s been a member since college. Booth is surprised by this. I’m surprised he’s surprised. Karen is also surprised and announces her displeasure by saying it figures a sexist like Brennan would be a member.

So, Leah stages protests at their offices, mean tweets about Emil, and the “b*tch” even hacked their website. Sigh. After Leah assumes the hotel where she’s protesting sent THE FBI to arrest her, Booth winds up having to take her in to get their questions answered.

It seems Leah was only fighting back, because Emil would show up at her home and work, yelling at her through a bullhorn. She was about to get a restraining order, when it stopped a couple of weeks earlier.

The reason why he stopped bothering her? Men Now decided to target Pamela Gould, who performs circumcisions, and they were building a class action lawsuit against her. Turns out she did bash up Emil’s car with her tire iron but didn’t do the same to his head. In addition, she and Emil had a nice talk, and he apologized to her. He said she made him see the error of his ways, and he would disband Men Now. Well, she is the first non-annoying suspect.

It turns out that not only was Emil with Karen the night of his death, but she wrote that stuff about turning over a new leaf, to help members lie in order to not get their face bashed in. During her interrogation, Paul comes barging in with lawyers and tells Karen to keep her damn mouth shut. Up until this point, Brennan was saying Men Now had brought up some valid issues. But when Brennan tells Karen she shouldn’t let her husband speak to her that way, Paul says Booth should put a muzzle on her, because, “All b*tches need to be muzzled some time.”

As Booth gets ready to make good on his threat of hitting Paul, Brennan warns him he could lose his job, so she decks Paul. But she does it in front of lawyers, who immediately bring up filing charges against her for assault. Because yeah, slugging people is still against the law, even if you’re a brilliant scientist.

Solving the Case
It turns out Emil and Karen weren’t having an affair. She worked at a home security company and helped Emil break into his ex-wife’s house.

You see, Gail was having some renovation work done on her house, and Emil was there to find proof she was shacking up with the contractor, so he wouldn’t have to pay alimony. Said contractor comes out of hiding and says he wants to tell them the truth, but Gail suddenly turns into the helpless female and says it was all Mr. Contractor’s fault, and she went along, because she thought he would kill her. Yeah, see, you should have gone with timid from the get-go. Also, the contractor says she hits him, because of course.

Reversing the Jinx
This is love. Brennan prepares snacks all beginning with the letter F and wears a rally hat. She also tells Booth to reverse his shirt and his pants. Booth does none of that, but they do argue as to which F snack he should eat first and Brennan’s level of enthusiasm furthering the jinx.

That’s it! I hope this Hodgins situation doesn’t drag on for much longer, but I have a feeling it will get worse before it gets better, and that he’ll be more reckless and make his situation worse. Next week it looks like they’re introducing another Big Bad. I hope he’s not another Pel—NOPE! Not gonna say it.

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