CONTAINMENT Teasers: The First Night in Quarantine


It’s night 1 of the quarantine on this week’s CONTAINMENT and Dr. Cannerts is performing an autopsy of Patient Zero. While the autopsy is being broadcasted into the command center, the media is going crazy on the streets and everyone is frenzied. The biggest issue for the authorities is that they want to ensure that everyone inside the cordon follows the rules.

Sabine believes that contact tracing has rounded up all people who may be infected, which just sounds like a terrible statement that will turn out to be false, doesn’t it? She also asks Lex if the fact that Jana and Jake are inside the cordon could affect his ability to enforce the rules, but he insists that he’ll be fine. Since he hasn’t been tested yet, we can only guess if that’s true. He also has to deal with a young woman who was in contact with a victim who is now unaccounted for.

And then, all of a sudden back in the hospital, Patient Zero’s blood splatters all over Cannerts’ face mask – but is he in danger of being infected? Elsewhere inside the hospital, Jake gets a few official missions, while Katie is trying to make things normal for the kids by educating them about the quarantine. She also has her suspicions about exactly what’s happening with the victims and wants to know who will decide when they can be let out.

Meanwhile, Lex continues to patrol the fence when Leo, an online reporter, wants to talk. He wants information, but Lex dismisses him. The reporter also gives Lex some interesting information about the bioterrorism angle.

Finally, Teresa and Xander stay in touch as he reassures her that everything will be fine, but she soon becomes hysterical when she realizes that her friends may have been exposed.

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