CHICAGO FIRE Recap: J.J. Loses His Mom

chicago fire

There was definitely some intense emotion in this week’s episode of CHICAGO FIRE when the the young boy Kelly has been watching’s mom dies. Bianca Holloway was a Chicago cop who was called in to testify against a very dangerous cartel. Unfortunately, when she got to the courthouse someone shot her and she died in surgery. The team at 51 spends the rest of the day keeping JJ distracted until his aunt can fly in from California to break the news.

Their method of distraction is a school project where JJ has to shoot a video of a day-in-the-life of a hero. Everyone gets an interview and the members explain why they became a firefighter, what they love about the job, and why they do this job. At the end, when JJ’s aunt finally comes, a heartbreaking scene unfolds where 51 watches through the window as the boy is told he is an orphan now. Kelly does his best to comfort him and assures the kid that if he ever needs anything, Kelly will be there.

There was another child in distress during this hour: a little ballerina who accidentally drank hand sanitizer and began seizing. Although, Jimmy and Brett were able to get there in time to bring to the girl to the hospital. While at the hospital, Brett decided to check in to see why Otis didn’t get a follow-up visit and his doctor informed her that Otis never got his blood drawn, even though the bruising could indicate something serious. When Sylvie goes to talk to Otis about this, however, he is defensive and argumentative, saying he doesn’t want to know what the results are.

In Casey’s life there also is a bit of a shift in political agenda. After receiving $10,000 in the mail, Casey believes it is a bribe. However, because he is new to politics he doesn’t end up reporting the bribe through the right channels, and an investigation is launched about the bribe. In order to make this go away, he calls the political consultant we met last week and she makes the investigation disappear and puts the money into a charity. In addition to her help, she offer Casey her assistance as a campaign manager for any possible future political plans. She promises him that no matter how high the office, she can get him there.

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