Contest: Dinner is Coming: Feasting with GAME OF THRONES (for FREE!)


With the premiere of season six of GAME OF THRONES, fans hunger for answers has been somewhat satiated but there are still many cliffhangers left unresolved as we head into upcoming episodes. The show has enthralled millions of viewers around the world, and the captivating story means TV fans are staying-in to feed their addiction. GAME OF THRONES becomes a weekly ritual as fans seek to get their fix of drama and intrigue. And, every twist and turn of the plot line stokes viewers’ appetites in more ways than one.

For hardcore fans, it’s not a true GAME OF THRONES night unless some Winterfell-style feasting is involved. Food delivery services like JUST EAT, the world’s leading restaurant delivery app and website, say that Thrones fans take their food almost as seriously as the show.

As such, wants to help you celebrate the return of GAME OF THRONES in style with a FREE dinner for two. Go to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell us what your favourite dinner feast is and tag it with #JUSTEATGoT and @thetvaddict for a chance to win dinner for two from JUST EAT, valued at $100.

Fun Fact: In major markets the most popular cuisines sent out by JUST EAT on the night of the season six premiere were Chinese in Toronto, Japanese in Montreal and Vancouver, and Indian in Calgary. The delivery service takes the concept of TV dinner to a whole new level as fans dine like wealthy merchants and lords. Many JUST EAT restaurants do dishes that would please the palate of anyone in Westeros. Here are a few Toronto restaurant dinner ideas:


Karelia Kitchen’s (Pictured above) Nordic-inspired fish, meats and tarts are a favourite. Try the Three mushroom tart with oyster, porcini and cremini mushrooms; the beetroot rosti with pear and ginger compote or the smoked pork loin with caramelized apples. Make it a sweet ending with flowerless chocolate cake. A meal fit for the Royal Court of King’s Landing.

Kanto By Tito Flips, Filipino cuisine, would satisfy the most carnivorous member of the Night’s Watch. Start with Tapsilog, lean marinated beef strips with fried rice with egg and a side of slaw; Lechon Kawali, melt in your mouth crispy fried pork belly, garlic fried rice and papaya slaw. Complete the feast with Turon, plantain rolled in sugar and spring roll wrappers.

With the convenience of hundreds of tasty dishes just an app tap away, there’s no excuse not to indulge in a GAME OF THRONES feast delivered for show-time!

Photography courtesy of by Karolyne Ellacott.

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