GAME OF THRONES 6.02 Recap: Changes in Leadership


After what we witnessed last Sunday, I walk cautiously into this week’s GAME OF THRONES.  For an avid reader of the books, I feel as if I’m without my safety net and, probably for the first time watching the show (other than the time Stannis had Shireen burned at the stake), I have no idea what is going to happen next.  I must say it is a bit exciting.

We start our GAME OF THRONES adventure tonight with an old face, Bran, whom we haven’t seen since Season 4.  He is having a vision, flashing back to a young Ned, Benjen and Lyanna, all happy and at home.  We also see a young Hodor, whose real name is Willis, and he talks!

King’s Landing

A drunk in a bar cracking jokes about seeing Cersei naked gets his head smashed into the wall by the new, bigger and badder Mountain.  Cersei tries to leave to go to Myrcella’s funeral but learned that Tommen has ordered her not to leave the Red Keep and has guards posted outside of the door.

At the sept, Jaime encourages Tommen to go see Cersei.  As he leaves, the High Sparrow comes in.  Jaime and the High Sparrow have words, in which Jaime threatens him.  His “flock” floods the sept for protection.

Tommen visits Cersei and apologizes for not coming to see her.  He begs for her help in making him strong, to take back their kingdom.


Varys, Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei have a talk about the burning harbor and how the nearby cities have returned to the Masters.  Tyrion suggests releasing the dragons or they will waste away, as they have quit eating since Daenerys has gone missing.

Tyrion enters the underground tomb where the dragons are kept while Varys waits petrified by the iron door.  Tyrion approaches them cautiously, soothingly talks to them, and releases their neck chains.


The girl with no name arrives again to beat up on Arya, who has not learned how to fight with her ears yet.  Jaqen H’ghar arrives and tries to trick Arya into saying her name, of which she adamantly insists she has no name.  Jaqen tells her to come along as she is no longer a beggar.

In the Woods

Brienne tells Sansa about seeing Arya and how she lost track of her.  Brienne asks what happened at Winterfell, but all Sansa says is that she should have went with Brienne the first time.  Theon tells Sansa he is not coming with them to The Wall, he does not deserve forgiveness from her or Jon for the things he has done.  He tells Sansa he plans on going home.

The Iron Islands

And here’s somewhere we haven’t seen since Season 3 (maybe 4) of GAME OF THRONES, the Iron Islands! Balon and Yara argue about the war around them.  He storms out of the room and crosses the billowing, unstable bridge in the pouring storm.  Balon’s brother, Euron, is at the other end of the bridge refusing to let him pass.  They fight and Balon falls from the bridge.

At Balon’s funeral/passing out to the see, Balon’s other brother, the Dampair, tells Yara that her ruling the Iron Islands is not set in stone, that there will be a kingsmoot, as is the old ways.

Roose and Ramsay

Father and son plot about taking the North.  It is mentioned that Jon Snow is a Stark and Ramsay suggests they go to the Wall and kill Jon Snow.  A servant comes in and announces that Lady Walda has had her baby, a boy.  Ramsay reluctantly walks over to hug and congratulate Roose, then he stabs Roose in the stomach.  He tells the servant to spread the word that Roose is dead, poisoned by their enemies.

Ramsay sends for Lady Walda and her baby.  He tells her he is going to escort her to Roose, but he instead leads her and the baby into the dog kennels and opens the kennels.  The dogs attack and kill them as Ramsay watches.

The Wall

Alliser knocks at the door telling Davos it is time to decide.  He has his men break down the door and all prepare to fight.  Just as the door caves, the front Wall entrance caves with the help of a giant and a bunch of angry wildlings, lead by Tollett and Tormund.  The Night’s Watch lay down their armor and surrender.

Later, Davos visits Melisandre in her room (and thankfully she is back to being young).  Melisandre stares into her fire, looking despondent and depressed about her visions lying to her.  Davos flat out asks her if she knows of any magic to bring Jon Snow back to life.  She mentions a red priest (I’m guessing Thoros) whom she had seen do this impossible feat, but she tells Davos she cannot.  He begs her to try.

Melisandre, watched by Tormund, Davos, and Tollett, performs a ritual on Jon’s body.  Nothing happens and everyone slowly, dejectedly, leaves the room one by one.  When everyone is gone, Ghost suddenly springs up and Jon’s eyes open as he gasps for breath.

My Thoughts

I knew he wasn’t dead!  I refused to give up hope and went about my life in complete and utter denial, would not listen all of the constant ramblings that he was dead.  This should get very interesting now.  Since he died, he’s not officially a crow anymore, right?

The whole Ramsay killing Roose took me completely by surprise, as well.  At first, I thought Roose stabbed Ramsay, which had my mouth start dropping, and then I saw it was Roose that fell and wow…that was all I could say.  I expected Ramsay to kill Walda and her baby, but not his father!  Dare I say we will have a much anticipated Jon/Ramsay fight to the death?

Don’t miss the next episode of GAME OF THRONES on May 8 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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