CASTLE Sneak Peek: Castle Caught by the Cartel


An seemingly intense kidnap scene looks to take place on this week’s CASTLE. Tied up and being held underground by a Mexican drug lord doesn’t seem to be a great situation for Castle to be in at the moment, but when Rick asks, politely, if he can be untied so they can talk about what is really going on the man holding agrees. Then, as it turns out, they talk about the victim of the week — a playwright with a running Shakespeare play, who was actually in contact with the drug lord presently holding Castle (not) hostage.

But how did the victim know the man standing in front of Rick? Well, apparently he was after the rights to this man’s life story and wanted to turn it into a movie. But, Cartel Boss turned down the hopeful young writer and, the next thing you know, the would-be playwright is found dead.

Now comes the interesting part for Castle. Apparently the Cartel Boss is a fan, and he asks Castle to be the one to write his movie. Seems like a good business deal, right? Wrong. Tacked on to this is the requirement that Castle stay with him in this cave-like dungeon, underground, for a year. And if Castle were to refuse, the man threatens to ship his body back home.

Not such a great business deal after all, then.

Don’t miss CASTLE tonight (May 2) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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