PERSON OF INTEREST Preview: Welcome Back!

person of interest

It’s been almost a year to the day since PERSON OF INTEREST last aired. So we can all be forgiven if we have forgotten where the show left off. Thanks for the long wait, CBS.

It was May 5, 2015, when we watched Samaritan agents racing Finch and Root to locate The Machine’s home. The Machine was wired into the city’s electric grid, dispersing its code throughout the system. And before Samaritan agents could shut them down, Finch downloaded sufficient code to rebuild the code later. They got out just in time.

This Tuesday kicks off a 13-episode new season with “B.S.O.D.” (your guess of what that means is as good as mine). In it, Finch and Reese try to rescue The Machine’s source code before it degrades beyond use, Root will be in for the fight of her life against a storm of Samaritan agents, and Detective Fusco faces hard questions about the deaths of gang leaders Dominic and Elias.

In subsequent weeks, CBS will air two episodes of PERSON OF INTEREST a week, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. Buckle up, it’s going to be a quick, bumpy ride. But a fun ride. I’ve even read that Shaw will eventually reappear. As a fan, I’m geeked and ready to get this series back in gear.

Watch the preview clip below and tune in to the season premiere of PERSON OF INTEREST on Tuesday, May 3) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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  • I would assume B.S.O.D. stands for Blue Screen Of Death.

    Either way, I’m glad we’re finally getting the new season, even if it is the last one.

  • Alan Eggleston

    Of course! Makes perfect sense. Thanks for posting, Drew.