CONTAINMENT Teasers: There’s No Escape from the Cordon


It’s day 3 of the cordon and things are becoming worse on this week’s CONTAINMENT. Outside, Lex is monitoring the city workers who are sealing the manhole covers in the street so that no infected people can get escape the cordon via the sewers.

Meanwhile, Sabine is holding a press conference to announce why the cordon period has been extended and she insists the containment measures are working. She also insists it’s safe inside the cordon. But inside the cordon, the infected are flocking to the hospital and there are more sick people than anyone had thought. The quarantine rooms inside the hospital are filling up.

Dr. Cannerts has a grim job for Jake, but that’s not the only assignment he’ll get this week.

After Leo broadcasts a video that riles up the public, Sabine wants to shut him down. Lex wants to send more cops inside the cordon, but she disagrees. She sends Lex to speak to Leo and the reporter insists something strange is going on here and Lex needs to wake up. After all, everything is a little too organized and happening too quickly. But when Leo published another video that creates a situation inside the cordon, Lex calls on Jake for help in keeping the peace.

Elsewhere, Jana is upset with Lex for lying to her about the cordon, while Katie manages to send most of her students home with their families now that the hospital-specific quarantine has been lifted. But she’s still left with a few students…at least until a very tense stand-off with one of the kid’s parents. And Theresa’s mother is continuing to take advantage of supply and demand in an effort to make a quick buck, but her price gouging prompts a robbery in her store.

In the end, it’s clear that control is being lost inside the quarantine…but Sabine always figures out a way to regain her power over the area.

Don’t miss an all new episode of CONTAINMENT tonight (May 3) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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