SUPERNATURAL Recap: Chuck Returns…But Is He God?


Metatron was down on his luck in this week’s SUPERNATURAL, dumpster diving for food. At the edge of his rope, he shouted to the heavens that he simply can’t take it any longer. A moment later he was whisked away to a different plane — a bar that he insisted is a construct of God. And there sat Carver Edlund…a.k.a. Chuck Shurley….a.k.a. GOD.

That’s right, SUPERNATURAL has solved one of the show’s greatest mysteries and proclaimed Chuck to be God. It turns out that he can’t be seen for who he is unless he reveals his true self, which he did to his former scribe (who them promptly dropped to his knees to worship him). He wanted Metatron to read his autobiography and offer up some critiques, but Metatron isn’t a huge fan of his writing. And then he reminded Chuck that his story actually began with him…and his sister. But Chuck doesn’t want to talk about her. We’re sensing some animosity between the world’s first siblings.

Meanwhile, the Winchesters headed to Idaho to investigate a man who killed a co-worker and then himself, thinking that it could be related to Amara. And it turned out they were right, because after finding out that the dead man had black veins (just like Amara’s victims at the beginning of the season), a huge fog started rolling through town and infecting people…including Deputy Harris.

Up in God’s bar, Metatron continued to tell Chuck how he should improve his writing — including writing more about the archangels. The scribe insisted that God’s memoir didn’t include enough honesty. Soon he admitted something — he created life because he lonely. And Amara was “nothingness”, so she wasn’t good enough to keep him company. Every time he built a new world, Amara would destroy it, so God and his archangels locked her away and God got to creating. But now he seems convinced Amara will destroy this world too. Despite Metatron insisting that God needs to take some responsibility for Amara, God says it’s just her time to shine. Called a coward, God got pissy with Metatron, insisting that he wasn’t hiding, he was just tired of seeing his creations fail.

In Idaho, the Winchesters tried to rally the police force and were confronted by the deputy, who had a message for the boys: Amara was going to destroy everyone…but not Dean. As the brothers tried to help evacuate the town, they took shelter in the police station as the fog spread. But the plague got inside and started infecting people…including Sam. As others inside barricaded themselves further, Dean refused to leave his brother.

Metatron continued to drop truth bombs on God, telling him it wasn’t only the humans who prayed for God…the angels did as well. Why did God abandon them all? Because they all disappointed him. Metatron insisted that humans were truly God’s greatest creation and he should not give up on them, because they never give up in general.

Just as all hope seemed lost, Dean realized that the fog couldn’t infect him and he looked up and shouted “Stop this! You hear me, you dick?!” And it turned out that God didn’t totally abandon his children, because he sent the Winchester brothers the “samulet”, glowing white and bright with his power. The power to stop the fog and cure everyone.

And then, a reunion. As Sam and Dean were amazed to see everyone recovering around town, the amulet led the boys straight to Chuck…who said “we should probably talk”.

In the next episode of SUPERNATURAL, Amara taunts the Winchesters by showing them how she’s torturing Casifer and the brothers decide to mount a rescue for their friend as Dean tries to convinced Chuck it’s time he steps up and defeats his sister.

SUPERNATURAL airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • This was the best episode of Season 11 if not the entire series. I knew all along Chuck was God but his bringing Metatron to his bar construct and the reveal was brilliant and somewhat subtle yet feels inducing. Metatron really experienced a lot of growth and got his redemption albeit minus becoming an angel again. Then Rob as Chuck singing Fare Thee Well, that just hit the proverbial nail on the head and I began to feel the tears cascade down my reddened cheeks and despite the sadness I felt joy and just decided that Chuck was, is and will always be my fave Supernatural character along with Cas and the Winchesters. And I am not sure if anyone else noticed Metatron’s reaction to the song’s lyrics but more than that the last pages of his autobiography. But in case you didn’t get it I think this song and his memoirs are a hint that he’s going to die. He will destroy his sister Amara. I also loved the end of the episode where everyone is healed and brought back to life. all is well and then Chuck is seen in frame as he helps that girl up and then he says: I think we should talk. The writers and show-runners nailed this episode. This show is officially awesome sauce again. And Rob’s rendition of Fare Thee Well is officially Chuck’s theme songs that and ‘What if god was one of Us’. Very solid and well acted and written, directed episode. I am tearing up again cause I watched this video again and heard this song but I also finished watching this ep again for the 20th time…The feels…I tell you. 🙂