THE ORIGINALS Sneak Peek: The Quest to Save Davina

the originals

THE ORIGINALS lost two characters in last week’s episode, but it appears that the characters might have a chance at getting one of them back. Cami is gone after being poisoned by Lucien’s bite, but Davina (killed by Kol, who is being controlled by the witch ancestors) could be returned to the land of the living.

After Cami’s death, Klaus teams up with Elijah and Freya to figure out a way to take Lucien down once and for all. But that is quickly interrupted by the death of Davina. The plan to save Davina seems to have hit a snag — in order to get her back they have to consecrate her body, but Kol doesn’t want them to do that because he’s afraid the ancestors will destroy her spirit when she wakes up in their domain. Vincent insists that they can consecrate her and keep her somewhere safe until they can resurrect her, but his magic isn’t what it once was. Therefore, he’ll be needing Freya’s help to do the necessary spells. Kol isn’t convinced that his family will help them, but Klaus tells Freya and Elijah to pitch in to save Davina. Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley uncover Lucien’s latest plan and head to the bayou to investigate more. Once there, “an unexpected showdown between Klaus and Lucien forces Freya to take matters into her own hands, setting off a chain of events that will change all of their lives forever.”

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