OUTLANDER Sneak Peek: The Aftermath of that Disastrous Dinner


Claire and Jamie tried to sabotage Prince Charles’ rebellion with a carefully orchestrated dinner party that turned into a disaster in last week’s OUTLANDER.  Claire was late, St. Germain showed up unexpectedly and Mary was attacked on the way to the house with Claire. When she awoke she thought Jonathan Randall was assaulting her and, screaming out, she drew the attention of the dinner guests. Then a fight broke out when her uncle believed she had been violated by Jonathan.

Now the couple will be dealing with the fallout from that dinner and there’s another problem on the horizon: Black Jack Randall. Now that he’s alive, Jamie wants to be the one to kill him for what he did to him. But Claire is in a quandary: if Jamie kills Randall now, Frank will never be born. As you can imagine, she’s torn.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jamie questions Claire about the attack before the dinner party and they wonder if St. Germain is the man behind it (Claire also isn’t happy to learn why the attackers called her the “White Witch” and where that name came from).

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