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GAME OF THRONES 6.03 Recap: Blasts from the Past

This week’s GAME OF THRONES opens on a teary-eyed Davos as Jon Snow rises from the table slab.  Melisandre comes in as Davos questions Jon on what he remembers.  Jon remembers being stabbed, especially by Ollie, but he tells Melisandre he remembers nothing after that, only darkness.  Tollett and the rest of the brothers stand in still shock as Jon emerges from Davos’ room.  Tormund tells Jon the men think he’s some kind of God since he has risen from the dead.

Later at the Wall, Ser Alliser, Janos Slynt, and their men of traitors, including young Ollie, are on a platform in front of the men in the courtyard, all with nooses around their necks.   Jon gives them time for last words, then cuts the rope to the platform, hanging all of them.  Tollett tells Jon that he should burn the bodies, but Jon tells him HE should.  He takes off his cloak and gives it to Tollett, explaining his watch has ended, that Tollett now has Castle Black as Jon walks away.

On the Sea

Long time, no see, but we find Gilly and Sam on a stormy sea heading to Old Town, with Sam hunched over a bowl losing his lunch because of the rolling waves.  Sam explains there’s no women allowed at the Citadel, so he’s taking her to his home, Horn Hill, so that his mother and sister can take care of her.


We find Bran looking into the past again as he watches a strapping Ned Stark ride horses across a plain with some men, including Howland Reed, Meera’s father.  They come upon Sir Arthur Dayne and another knight at The Tower of Joy.  Ned is demanding to know where his sister is as Sir Dayne draws a sword and a fight breaks out among Ned’s men and the knights.  Ned wins, with Howland’s help, and hears a woman’s screaming from the tower.  As Ned runs up the stairs, Bran yells “Father!” and young Ned seems to hear.  The three-eyed-raven wakes Bran up.

Outside Vaes Dothrak

The army marches towards the mountain as Daenerys looks in awe.  The current Khal welcomes her home as she is ushered into a temple filled with women.  They strip her and give her a dress similar to theirs.  One of the woman tell her that her fate to stay must be decided as she did not come immediately to the mountain when Khal Drogo died.


Varys sits in the temple as a woman is brought in.  He sends the guards away.  He accuses her of helping the Sons of the Harpy.  He vaguely threatens her if she doesn’t cooperate and offers her and her son passage to Pentos with a bag of silver if she agrees to help.

Meanwhile, Tyrion is sitting at a table with Missandei and Grey Worm trying to make small talk.  That fails, so he suggests games but they scoff.  He gives up on that as Varys comes in, saying he has found out who funds the Sons of the Harpy:  the masters of Astapor and the masters of Yunkai, with help from their friends in Volantis.

King’s Landing

Another face we haven’t seen in a while on GAME OF THRONES, Qyburn sits in a room with a handful of children, who turn out to be some of Varys’ “little birds”.  He gives them candy and tells them he wants their “whispers” as well.  Cersei, Jaime and the new Mountain enter the room.  Cersei tells Qyburn she wants those little birds in Dorne and other places to find out who’s plotting against her.

Oh, and the lovely Queen of Thorns is at the table of the small counsel as Cersei, Jaime and “Ser Gregor” enter the room.  Cersei challenges her as to why she is there and she states she is there because the true queen is imprisoned.  Jaime wants to discuss the murder of Myrcella, but the small counsel gets up and leaves the room.

The High Sparrow

King Tommen visits the High Sparrow, demanding to know when her mother can see her daughter’s final resting place.  The High Sparrow says that is not possible as she has not atoned for her sins, not until she stands trial before seven scepters.  Tommen gets confrontational and reminds the High Sparrow that he is the King.  The High Sparrow talks his good vs. evil spiel with Tommen, who seems to believe him.

The House of Black and White

Arya is doing more training (rather like getting beaten with a stick) by the girl with no name.  She is made to recite Arya Stark’s past and the people Arya knew.  After much training, it looks like Arya has learned to defend herself from the stick.  She talks to Jaqen H’ghar who still tempts her to speak her name and he will give her eyes back.  He has her drink from the water fountain and her eyesight returns as she claims she is no one.


Ramsay is having a meeting with Lord Smalljon Umber, who claims that Jon let a bunch of wildings through the wall and now there are too many to fight alone.  Ramsay tells Lord Umber that if he pledges his banners and kneels, they will help.  Lord Umber refuses, but says instead he has a gift for Ramsay.  And oh, my God, here’s another blast from the past as we see two figures unhooded who happen to be Osha and Rickon, whom we last saw in Season 3 as they were headed to the home of Stark bannerman, Greatjon Umber.  Ramsay questions how does he know that this is Rickon Stark?  Lord Umber walks in with a meat hook, of which a giant direwolf’s head (Shaggydog) is attached to it.

My Thoughts

Wow, lots of returning faces tonight, so much potential for new and interesting story lines to come.  I am loving the flashbacks of young Ned’s life and I truly hope that we find out that Lyanna is in fact Jon’s mother.  I am a bit concerned for Osha and Rickon to be in Ramsay’s hands and, of course, devastated that yet another direwolf has perished.  That just leaves Ghost and Nymeria, whom we haven’t seen since Arya sent her away many seasons ago.

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