MADAM SECRETARY Season Finale Recap: A Trade for Dmitri and a Job Change

madam secretary

The Dmitri story came to a head in the season finale of MADAM SECRETARY. After the Russians told Elizabeth that he was alive and they had him stashed away in the penultimate episode of the season, they proposed a trade: they would offer up Dmitri in exchange for their spy, Peter Buckley. Given the fact that so many CIA agents died because of Buckley, a trade like that would prove very unpopular. And Elizabeth knew that. But she got Mike B. involved to run some numbers for her and figure out if they could make a trade like that work. She also reached out to an old CIA contact to confirm that Dmitri was actually still alive. She saw a photo of Dmitri’s dead body and confronted the Russians about it, but they told her that they had just staged the scene. They demanded the trade take place the next night and wouldn’t provide any proof of life beyond that. They did, however, agree to release Dmitri’s sister as a goodwill gesture.

Both Russell and President Dalton were against the trade, believing that it would be political suicide to release Buckley, especially in an election year. But Elizabeth managed to convince Dalton that it was the right thing to do. So she told Henry about the deal and they packed their bags and headed to Finland for the trade. They arrived at the trade site and Henry confirmed that Dmitri was still alive. In the end, Dmitri embraced Henry after his ordeal and Henry was relieved that he hadn’t failed Dmitri after all.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jareth got a two-year fellowship at Oxford and he asked Henry for permission to marry Stevie. Henry was surprised about the fast pace of their relationship, but gave his blessing because he was so shocked by the question. Jareth proposed and Stevie accepted and the pair planned to get married that weekend. Elizabeth and Henry were extremely concerned about them getting married to quickly and it turned out that Stevie was also cautious about taking the plunge. So their relationship is a bit up in the air right now. They want to stay together, but they definitely don’t want to commit to marriage at this time.

Finally, Mike B. warned Elizabeth that Dalton was looking for her replacement. She was originally surprised by the news, but she didn’t believe that Dalton would ever fire her. When she realized that he had found a firm candidate, she confronted him. And it turned out he didn’t want to fire her. Instead, he asked her to be his Vice President. She hasn’t accepted the job yet, but it seems like a foregone conclusion. Could Madam Secretary become Madam Vice President next year?

CBS has already renewed MADAM SECRETARY for a third season and the show will return in the fall/winter.

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