MADAM SECRETARY Season Finale: Will Elizabeth Lose Her Job?

madam secretary

Elizabeth is trying to figure out if she can make a trade on the season finale of MADAM SECRETARY.

Recently, the Russians offered up Dmitri (who Elizabeth and Henry thought were dead) in exchange for their spy, Peter Buckley. Elizabeth calls on her old friend, Michael Barnow, to figure out if there are any circumstances where President Dalton might agree to such a trade, but he doesn’t believe there is. In fact, he doesn’t even believe Dmitri is alive and the Russians could simply be playing Elizabeth. She continues to push him to figure out if there is any way to make this situation work.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth continues to pursue this situation independently. She reaches out to another asset of hers to find out if Dmitri is actually alive. When Mike B. tells her that the Buckley trade would be viewed as extremely unfavorable for the current administration, Elizabeth tells her staff to come up with comparable inducements to offer the Russians instead. And then Mike B. drops a bombshell: it appears that the President is seeking out candidates to replace Elizabeth as Secretary of State. Naturally, she’s utterly shocked by this news, but she recovers quickly and says she’s not worried. Henry is also shocked by the possibility that Conrad could betray his friend like this. But when Elizabeth finds out more information, she heads to the White House to confront the President.

The McCord family learns that Jareth has accepted a two-year fellowship at Oxford, so he and Stevie need to figure out how to handle the “long distance thing”. Jareth surprises Henry by asking him a very important question — one that ends with Stevie and Jareth getting engaged. Elizabeth isn’t really happy that Henry gave Jareth his permission and thinks the kids might be rushing into things. Especially when they announce their wedding date. But is Stevie having doubts herself?

Don’t miss the season finale of MADAM SECRETARY tonight (May 8) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and Global TV (Canada).

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