THE GOOD WIFE Series Final Recap: How Did It End for Alicia?

the good wife

THE GOOD WIFE came to an end tonight, as did Alicia Florrick’s story. Peter was prepared to take a two-year plea deal and everyone returned to court to enter the plea. But the judge stopped the proceedings because the jury wanted to hear the 911 call from the night of the murder. Lucca called Jason to court to help as the tape played and he realized that a strange sound in the middle of the tape was actually a ringtone, indicating that another person was there with the victim.

As the lawyers scrambled to handle this new evidence, Lucca told Alicia that she needed to speak to Jason about their relationship. Later that night, Alicia imagined coming come to Jason, Peter and even Will, trying to figure out who she really wanted. It seems like Will won the illusion battle, but he’s also no longer an option. She headed to the office to research some precedents for Peter’s case and had another vision of Will, who handed her a key piece of evidence. She also asked him for his advice and he said that she had a small chance with him and now she has romance.

Diane stalled for time as Jason tried to track down the owner of the other cell phone from the 911 call audio. He recruited Alicia to talk to Cary (now a guest lecturer at a college) to find out more.

Back in the courtroom, Diane questioned the woman whose phone was heard on the call until the judge put a stop to it and ordered the jury back to their deliberations. Cary, meanwhile, confronted Mattan about whether they didn’t do enough to solve the murder.

Connor Fox offered up a new plea deal (1 year of jail time), but Alicia refused on Peter’s behalf. At the same time, Peter confronted Eli, who had encouraged Peter’s donors to turn their attention to Alicia. Eli insisted it was the smart move and Peter eventually capitulated.

At Cary’s suggestion, Mattan searched the evidence room and found the missing bullets. Kurt called Diane to tell her that the bullets came from Locke’s gun and that Peter had reason to hide them. Diane tried to cover up the results, but Connor called Holly Westfall to testify that the bullets came from Locke’s gun and then called Kurt to the stand. Diane didn’t want to discredit Kurt and told Alicia to have Peter fire her if she disagreed. So Alicia turned to Lucca for Kurt’s cross-examination and Diane was forced to leave the room when Lucca accused Kurt of having an affair with Holly.

Connor offered up his final deal to Alicia: one year of probation, no jail time and Peter had to resign from his position as Governor. Alicia told Peter she would take the deal because the jury was unpredictable and his career was over anyways. He agreed, but he needed one more favor: he asked her to stand by his side during the announcement. She agreed.

But Imaginary Will appeared to Alicia and told her to go to Jason. It’s clear that Will is the man she really wanted to be with, but without him as an option any longer Jason is the man she chooses. She headed back to the firm only to learn from Lucca that Jason had bailed, so she left him a message to say her relationship with Peter was over and she wanted to see him.

And then, the next day, Alicia stood by Peter’s side during his press conference and she seemed to see Jason in the wings. Alicia chased after him only to realize it wasn’t him. Diane confronted Alicia and slapped her without saying a word. And Alicia gathered her composure and walked down the hall with tears in her eyes.

In the end, Alicia was alone. No Jason and, seemingly, she has lost Diane as well.

What did you think of THE GOOD WIFE finale? Were you disappointed by the lack of a happy or conclusive ending?

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