CHICAGO MED Sneak Peek: A Familiar Patient

chicago med

This week’s CHICAGO MED has the doctors dealing with a returning patient, a surprising pair of diagnoses, and one of the doctors becoming a patient.

April and Dr. Halstead attempt to treat returning patient, who happens to be an alcoholic, as he comes in with a broken leg. Though the pair try to help, they have trouble agreeing on exactly what course of treatment would work best for the man.

All the while, Dr. Manning, who seems to still be mourning the loss of her husband, discovers her wedding ring has gone missing. Something triggers and causes the doctor to become the patient, causing her colleagues to worry.

Elsewhere on CHICAGO MED, as Dr. Charles and Reese treat a pair of elderly women who come into the hospital with identical symptoms that ultimately share a surprisingly link between the two cases, Dr. Downey and Dr. Rhodes find themselves faced with a patient who is refusing their recommended course of treatment because of his religious beliefs.

Watch a new CHICAGO MED tonight (May 10) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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